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Physics of Atmosphere and Climatology Diploma


P 555 Physics of the Atmosphere
Classification of the atmosphere, its layers & properties - Physics of water vapor & its transformations (phase transitions) - Physics of solar and its terrestrial radiations - Chemical reactions in the atmosphere - Stabilized Atmosphere - Atmospheric phenomena and Upper layers of atmosphere - Energies of the atmosphere - Introduction to aerodynamics.

P 556 Weather and Climate
Climatography and its elements - Various climate classifications - Global and local climate - Wind circulation around the earth - Greenhouse effect - Theories of climate change - Probable effects of climate change.

P 557 Air pollution and its applications
Theories of air pollution and lower layer - Sources of air pollution and its spreading - Carbon, Sulphur and nitrogen cycles in the atmosphere - Noise pollution - Laser monitoring of air pollution - Pollution control - Environmental legislations.

P 558 Applied course (Experimental)
Measurement of air elements - Use of measurements in different applications - Computer modeling - Research projects.