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Solid State and Electronics Diploma

16271 2021-10-19

P 531 Semiconductors and Theory of Solids
(a) Semiconductors: Crystal structure – Effective mass – Carrier densities - Hot electron effect – Diffusion – Continuity equation – Fabrication of junctions – Shockly equation – Admitance of a junction – Transit behavior of a diode.
(b) Theory of Solids: Types and symmetry – Space transfermations - Types of transformations - The fundamental of Band theory - The schrodinger equation for the crystal - The adiabatic approximation - Single electron approximation - Periodic field of crystal lattice - Quasimomentum - The effective mass tensor of the electron - Brillouin zones - Theory of the quasifree electron - Theory of the quasibound electron - Transport phenomena - Boltzmann's kinetic equation - The electric current density - The energy flux density - Kinetic coefficients - Conductivity of semicenductors - Galvanomagnetic effect .- Magnetoresistant effects - Thermoelectic phenomena.

P 532 Magnetic Properties of Materials, Phase Crystal Growth and Integrated Circuits
(a) Magnetic Properties: Classification of magnetic materials – Source of magnetic moment – Diamagnetic susceptibility – Paramagnetic susceptibility – Classical Langevin theory and quantum theory – Dependence of magnetization on temperature and magnetic field – Ferromagnetic materials – Hysteresis loop.
(b) Phase Crystal Growth: Classification of materials according to their structure - Phase change and microstructure - Techniques of zone melting and crystal growing - Theory of crystallization - Isothermal and non-isothermal processes and Kinetics of phase change.
(c) Integrated Circuits (IC): Fundamentals of hybrid and monolithic IC design – Multiphase monolithic IC – Advantage of multiphase IC – Active devices for IC – Structural description of monolithic IC transistor and diode – Passive components for IC: Design consideration for junction capacitor - Thin film capacitor - Thin film resistor and thin film inductor – IC fabrication – Crystal growing – Wafering – Polishing – Assembly processing - IC packaging - Package testing and thermal design consideration.

P 533 Microwaves, Advanced Electronics. Pulse Circuits and Computers
(a) Microwaves: An introduction to microwaves - Circuits and electromagnetic fields - Transmission lines - Waveguides and resonators - Microwave components.
(b) Advanced Electronics: Multilayer neural networks – Multilayer model – Multilayer learning algorithm – Behaviour of multilayer network – Some applications – Electronic date publishing system – Hopfield fully – Connected neural network.
(c) Pulse Circuits and Computers: Regenerative, switching and wave shaping circuits - The transistor switch: On-Off time interval calculations - Circuitry to improve the switching time of a transistor - Classification of regenerative switching circuits - Bistable multivibrators – A stable multivibrators - Application of multivibrators - Logic circuits and digital integrated -Circuit functional blocks.

P 534 Practical Course