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The robot nurse... an innovative research project of Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences attracts media attention


A research project adapted to suit the requirements and needs of the stage... It is the robot Shams, the robotic nurse that was developed by students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University.

A nurse who can speak Arabic, communicate with patients and doctors and carry out the orders she receives. This robotic nurse was created by a research team consisting of students from the faculties of Computer and Information Sciences, Medicine and Nursing to be integrated.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, said that the invention of a robotic nurse is a research project for a number of researchers at the Faculty of Computers and Information, explaining that the idea was presented to him in 2020 and he was excited about it.

He added that the robot greats the patient, reassures him, learns his conditions and measures the temperature, and if the patient is still suffering from pain, it reports the condition.


He explained that the robot performs light, medium and complex work, speaks Arabic and can identify the faces of doctors and nurses, and helps the surgeon in his mission, noting that the cost of the Shams robot does not exceed one million pounds, and the work team of different ages, including recent graduates, indicating that the task took 10 Months.

For her part, Prof. Nagwa Badr, Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University, said that the faculty, since its inception, has paid great attention to the software industry, stressing that Egypt enjoys a distinguished position in this field.

She added that this innovation is the result of the interaction of more than one sector in the fields of computers and information, noting that the university provides all the capabilities that research teams need to reach these successes.

She explained that the capabilities currently available are capable of developing a robot model, noting that the university is keen on such projects, given that all robots that are imported from abroad are difficult to make modifications.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Marei, assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, said that Shams robot was a study project in 2019-2020, about creating a robot, and its goal was to feed and provide services to cancer patients, but with the emergence of the Corona virus, it was transformed to deal with Corona virus patients.

He added that after the completion of the project, the students filmed a video of their project, so the Dean of the Faculty sent it to the President of Ain Shams University, who in turn adopted the idea and liked it, and asked the Faculty to start a full research project quickly and to harness all possibilities for him to start implementing the project to reach a robot that can be used in Ain Shams University Hospitals


For her part, Israa Tarek, a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Ain Shams University, explained that the process of coordination between mechanical, electrical and artificial intelligence tasks is the secret of this robot, adding that "the robot performs several tasks, as it can deliver medicine from the pharmacy to the patient, or getting a sample from the patient, and it can recognize faces and give the data to the doctor, make a video call between the doctor and the patient and ask about some vital tasks, in addition to preparing a report before examining the patient, as well as performing the sterilization process and the ability to record a huge amount of patient data.

The innovation of the research team at Ain Shams University for the robot Shams caused a great bang in the media not only at the local level, but also at the international level, as it was covered by many international media platforms, as BBC News Arabic presented a report on the research project, and Sky channel talked about the project.

Ain Shams University, through its research teams, students and professors, continues to work on research projects that can be a qualitative leap in the field of science and scientific research and can be used in practical life and can even solve many problems facing workers in various sectors.