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Ain Shams University prepares to visit quality review with a series of introductory seminars
Ain Shams University prepares to visit quality review with a series of introductory seminars

Under the auspices of Prof. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University and general supervision of Mr. Samir Abdul Nasser, General Secretary of the University, General Supervisor of the ISO Project at the University, held an introductory seminar for all members of the university's administrative staff under the title "Potential environmental risks of working at universities", which was attended by Mr.  Karam Hijazi, Assistant Secretary of the University for Graduate Studies and Research affairs, and Mr. Sohil Hamza, Assistant Secretary of the University for Community Service and Environmental affairs, in the presence of Eng. Nabil Bakri, University Advisor in ISO file, and a group of directors of the general, departments and administrators.

The seminar was part of the university's preparations for periodic review visits from representatives of the international Iso donor company InterTech in mid-August.

Ain Shams University has successfully obtained two quality certificates: ISO (9001:2015) and ISO (140001:2015) in environmental management quality.

In a special statement, MR. Samir Abdel Nasser confirmed that Ain Shams University is one of the leading universities that have succeeded in obtaining ISO and made sure to renew it periodically and apply its latest publications.

He pointed out that the University has not only applied the standards and requirements of the quality of management, but has succeeded in obtaining an international certificate certified in the quality of environmental management, namely ISO 140001:2015, which means the ability of the institution to carry out all its activities within the framework of environmental conservation.

He added that the university, headed and sponsored by Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, is keen to apply the international standards adopted to provide a distinct educational environment that serves the internal community in all its aspects (student, professor, and employee).

For his part, A. Karam Hijazi addressed the importance of applying all procedural steps to obtain customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality of service provided both to internal and external university clients. He stressed the need to recognize the human element as the secret to the success of the administrative system.

A. Sohil Hamza also explained that the community service and environmental affairs sector conducted through an integrated team a number of measurements to ensure the application of environmental quality standards and all of them produced good results that promise the success of the university's work system in applying the standards of quality of environmental management. Nutrition in university cities and the main campus, with measurements continuing to be made to include the university as a whole.