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Penalties imposed on the Faculty Staff and Teaching Assistants


Types of penalties imposed on faculty members

Types of penalties imposed on faculty staff:
* Blame
* Alert
* Blame with delaying the increment for one period
* Blame with delayed promotion
* Dismissal from job while retaining pension
* Dismissal from job without retaining pension
* Warning
* Deduction of the monthly salary

Elimination of penalties imposed on faculty members

Disciplinary penalties imposed on faculty staff shall be erased with the expiry of the following periods:
* Six months in the case of warning and blame.
* Two years in case of postponement or deprivation of the bonus.
* Three years for other penalties except for the penalty of dismissal and referral to pension by a disciplinary decision.
* In all cases, the approval of the college council must be obtained to erase the penalty, with the department clarifying that the member's behavior has become satisfactory.

Penalties imposed on the teaching assistants according to Article 61 / Law 81

1. Warning
2. Deduction from wages for a period not exceeding 60 days per year.
3. Suspension from work for a period not exceeding 6 months from the payment of half of the full wages
4. Postpone the promotion for a period not exceeding two years
5. Downgrading to a lower-level position directly
6. Demotion to a position at a lower level immediately, with the remuneration reduced to what it was before promotion
7. Referral to the pension
8. Dismissal from service.

Elimination of sanctions: Article 67 / Law 81

1. One year in case of warning and wage deduction for a period not exceeding 5 days
2. Two years in the case of censure and deduction from wages for a period exceeding 5 days and up to 15 days.
3. Three years in case of wage deduction for a period of more than 15 days up to 30 days.
4. The erasure periods shall be calculated from the date of imposing the penalty.
5. Penalties are erased in the above-mentioned periods by the University Council Resolution

Termination of service

Reasons for termination of service for faculty staff:
* Reaching the legal age of retirement (60 years)
* Death
* Having a chronic disease.
* Resignation at his request.
* Termination of service for interruption of work.

For full-time professors

* All faculty staff who have reached the end of service are appointed as full-time professors unless they request otherwise.
* A full-time faculty staff receives a financial reward equivalent to the difference between the salary (as if in service) and the pension.
* A full-time professor has the rights and duties of a professor, except for holding administrative positions.
* It is permissible, with exception, to entrust a full-time professor to assume the presidency of the department council if there are no professors in the department, provided that the department and faculty boards approve this.
* The full-time professor's remuneration is annually amended by adding the annual social allowance for employees to his basic salary.