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Ain Shams University students begin the mid-year vacation by participating in the project (Start Your Dream...Cinema is in Your Hands)
Ain Shams University students begin the mid-year vacation by participating in the project (Start Your Dream...Cinema is in Your Hands)

Prof. Abdel Fattah Saoud, Vice President of Ain Shams University of Education and Student Affairs, inaugurated the cinematic workshop project (Start Your Dream... Cinema in Your Hands), which is hosted by Ain Shams University and headed by Prof. Mahmoud El-Metini and organized by the General Authority for Culture Palaces at the Ministry of Culture under the supervision of Mr. Tamer Abdel Moneim, Director General of Cinematic Culture, in cooperation with the Family for Central Egypt, Ain Shams University, under the supervision of a Prof. Hatem Rabih, pioneer of a family for Egypt.

The inauguration was held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Arts, in the presence of Prof. Hanan Kamel, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Sherine Mazloum, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts for Postgraduate Studies and Research, a group of university professors and students, and students of the family for Central Egypt.


In his opening speech Prof. Abdel-Fattah Saoud directed his students to the need to invest the mid-year vacation and develop and refine their talents through the various student activities organized by the University’s Youth Welfare Department and the Family “for Central Egypt” as part of the sector’s strategy that it adopted years ago, which aims to expand the base of student participation and develop and refine talents in various fields by hands of specialized experts, each in his field, Pointing out that this strategy adopted by the education sector and students is in line with the Egyptian state's vision of building a promising generation capable of achieving the goals of the new republic in accordance with Egypt's Vision 2030.

He referred to the role of university students and youth in community work as the builders of the future, saying, "Our goal is to be better every day than yesterday, within the limits of the available capabilities."

He appreciated the efforts of Prof. Hatem Rabie in sponsoring a family for Central Egypt, praising the quantum leap witnessed by the family's activities through the distinguished strategy implemented by the family.

He reviewed part of Professor Tamer Abdel Moneim's role in improving artistic taste and spreading awareness through the soft power of art.

Prof. Hanan Kamel emphasized that the university witnesses everything new day after day, and that there is no way but success and achievement, as the university administration does not know the impossible, and this is the approach that university students must follow.


Prof. Hatem Rabie pointed out that the Family for Central Egypt was keen to cooperate with the General Authority for Cultural Palaces in this activity, which re-disseminates the culture of fine art and aims to improve public taste, especially among young people, stressing that this role played by the university is a means of restoring awareness among the segments of society in all that is purposeful and uplifting, pointing out that the university students will be ambassadors to spread this awareness in their surroundings.

On his part, Mr. Tamer Abdel Moneim expressed his appreciation for the generous hosting of Ain Shams University and the speed of response to this initiative and this national project, the project "Start Your Dream... Cinema in Your Hands", which includes a series of technical meetings and workshops to spread cinematic thought and awareness and develop artistic taste among Egyptian youth through cinematic training workshops by the hands of professionals, adding that more important than professional cinematic work is the ability to appreciate art and realize the role of drama and the soft power of art, and in his speech, he presented a number of luminous models and stars that have shone in the sky of art throughout history, and how Egypt was a pioneer in various arts, not only in the region, but in the whole world.

He stressed that art was and still has a message and an important role in the various stages of Egypt, politically and historically, and it is a mirror for society and a source of strength and inspiration for the masses of the people, and that art has the ability to extrapolate the future.


The inauguration was followed by a workshop for students entitled "Introduction to the Art of Cinematic Script", which was lectured by Prof. Ashraf Mohamed, professor at the Higher Institute of Cinema.

The workshop deals throughout its days with a series of lectures, including “Introduction to the Art of Cinematic Script, Cinematic Script Workshop, Fundamentals of Cinematic Script, Principles of Cinematic Script, Principles of Cinematic Quotation, Principles of Cinematic Direction, Fundamentals of Cinematic Direction, Principles of Cinematic Composition, Introduction to Documentary Film, and Introduction to cinematography”

These lectures, which will continue until the 5th of February, are presented by a group of specialized professors: Dr. Ashraf Mohamed, Mr. Tamer Abdel Moneim, Dr. Nader Rifai, Dr. Ashraf Rajeh, Mr. Essam Helmy, and Mr. Magdy Ahmed Ali.