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Anti-violence against Women Unit


The increase in the phenomenon of sexual harassment in the Egyptian street, which was alien to this society known for its ethics, made decision-makers within Egyptian universities, especially Ain Shams University, to develop mechanisms and policies to combat such a phenomenon strongly within the university campus to protect women, students, employees and faculty members and to provide them with a safe environment that enables them of performing their duties and their work.

Hence, the decision makers at Ain Shams University supported women inside the university and achieved the principle of protection and equality by establishing a unit dedicated to combating sexual harassment within the university, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund and the conclusion of a cooperation agreement in 2016 and the formation of the organizing committee for the work of the unit and its approval in the University Board in April 2016.

Vision and Mission

Providing a safe environment within the university campus through which the female student employee and university professor can work and produce freely and as a driving force for the university community socially, educationally and scientifically.

Our mission is to set clear mechanisms and policies that limit and prevent the phenomenon of sexual harassment within the university, thus providing a safe environment conducive to work and production. As well as raising awareness and interaction between female students and working women inside Ain Shams University with the unit about the phenomenon of harassment and its types and how to overcome it and how the university addresses this within the university campus.

Strategic goals

1. Increasing the degree of awareness about the phenomenon of harassment, its types, and the mechanisms within the Anti-Harassment Unit, Ain Shams University, to address this phenomenon.

2. Providing a protection umbrella for women within the university community against any kind of harassment by setting deterrent policies and penalties for the harasser inside the university campus.

3. Establishing a general moral code against unacceptable phenomena on campus, including the phenomenon of sexual harassment.

4. Psychological support for female students or those who are exposed to any kind of sexual harassment inside the university campus.

Specific goals

1. Encouraging girls to resort to the anti-harassment unit within the university to file complaints against those who committed any act of harassment against them.

2. Resolving complaints submitted by students who have been subjected to the phenomenon of harassment, in a formal or informal way.

3. Dissemination of university and state policies against the phenomenon of harassment through the work of a booklet that represents a constitution for all university employees and students, including laws, regulations and procedures taken by the university through the unit in combating the phenomenon of harassment.

4. Cooperation and participation with the corresponding units to combat harassment within Ain Shams University and other universities, and the use of civil society organizations working in the field of combating violence against women under the auspices of the National Council for Women.

5. Psychological support for female students who have been subjected to harassment, whether inside or outside the university campus.

6. Conduct continuous awareness campaigns inside the university campus about the phenomenon of harassment and how to overcome it through the policies, procedures and services provided by the unit during the academic year.

7. Conduct scientific research that benefits the work inside the unit and works on developing the anti-harassment activity inside the university campus.