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The emergence of the Central Library(in accompany) with the emergence of the university, "Ibrahim Pasha University" which turned out to Ain Shams University later in 1950 and later renamed the Central Library.

The Objectives

The Central Library provides appropriate services to the needs of researchers and faculty members at the university, and is keen on achieving its goals and objectives of the university they serve by doing different functions and activities.

The Organizational Structure

The structure Includes "6" (six) departments in addition to the Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs and other units updated had been added to the organizational structure and the ongoing adoption by the General Administration of Organization and Management " the functions ordering management in the university" from the Central Organization and Management and the departments, sections and units are:
1 - Supply, exchange and gif department: It comprises two parts:
A - Supply Department: it works on the development of library collections, makes procurement procedures, makes procedures for financial settlements and registration paper records and accounting, maintain and secure.
B- Exchange and gift Department: it works on the gift and exchange processes with the scientific, cultural bodies and others.
2 - Cataloging and classification management and evidence: it works on the technical preparation of the Collectables and messages etc ...
In terms of indexing, classification and substantive follow the order of the various topics
3 - Managing the affairs of the college libraries, institutes and centers: it works on following up work in libraries, colleges and overcome the obstacles they face, compile various statistics on their holdings and notified accordingly informed.
4 - Theses and research office Management: It comprises two parts:
First: service holdings desktop management Section.
Second: the supply section.
The mission of this department is to receive scientific researches and office researches of researchers and should be recorded and stamped, as well as provide service desk and reference for researchers and users and this administration job statistics for Arab and foreign researches contained it annually and this department includes library for scientific research as has been issued a decision of the Commission of Graduate Studies and Research in 1981 compiled research faculty members and their assistants and researchers at Ain Shams University and submitted for promotion of which is in Arabic and some of which is in a foreign language.
5 - Office Service department "books, references, periodicals, manuscripts and rare books":its mission is to receive the frequented researchers, faculty members and students at all levels of education and receive Collectibles which are sent to it.
6-The Department of audio and visual media: its mission is to take advantage of courses and specialized scientific books used by users by devices allocated to it.
7 - Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs: its mission is to perform financial and administrative processes and follow-up until the completion of the implementation.
8 - Imaging Unit: its mission is to carry out imaging for the frequented users

Egyptian Universities Libraries Union

• Ain Shams University have a digital library that includes a huge number of scientific books, references, scientific theses, and research projects that are automated according to a system through which it is possible to access and know the topics to be searched for. Also, this system is a network that includes the central library of the university and all the libraries in the faculties and works to link these libraries with the libraries of other universities through the network of Egyptian universities in addition to the existence of a unified index of library holdings based on international standards.

• The digital library also serves many categories such as undergraduate, postgraduate students, professors (Faculty staff and Teaching assistant), researchers and all those who are reluctant to visit the library for reading and research, in addition to the library’s staff for gaining experience in the field of mechanization and reliance on international standards. 

• It also works on automating work processes in Ain Shams University libraries and linking Ain Shams libraries with university libraries through the Egyptian universities network and creating a unified index of library holdings, in addition to Depending on international standards in work procedures.

• To know more about the optimal use of the digital library, download the user guide here

• To request an account on the Egyptian University Libraries Union website, click here