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9th International Conference The Fourth Generation of Universities between Reality and Aspiration


9th International Conference "The Fourth Generation of Universities between Reality and Aspiration"


Main Topics



Conference Sectors

First: Postgraduate sector includes Four sectors they are as follows:


Humanities, Social and Educational Sciences

- Education Competitiveness and Fourth Generation Universities – Opportunities and Threats
- Scientific Research within the Fourth-Generation Universities
- Sustainable Development, Internationalization Strategies Within the fourth-generation universities
- Fourth-generation universities: Business Organizations, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

- Artificial Intelligence Technologies 
- Cyber security​ 
- Cloud Computing
- Automation Robotics​
- Internet of Things ​(IoT) ​ 
- Quality Life
- Environmental Engineering 
- Green and Sustainable universities
- Renewable Energy 
- Water Recourses Management

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- Digital  governance :the way to gain the best out of the digital transportation
- Environmental dimension & climatic changes
- Future of mineral wealth in Egypt
- Fast detection of environmental pollution using laser spectroscopy
- Nano-hydroxyapatite for bone cement engineering:from lab to commercial production
- International climate changes and their effects on egyption agriculture
- The role of the food safety authority ,whether on exports or importsto and from Egypt
- Updates on COVID-19 vaccines and the lessons learned
- Important developments in global biological diversity
- Nano technology in carddiology

- Vaccination, value and Finance and implications for Egypt
- International partnerships
- Future Healthcare Models
- Future of interprofessional development in health professions education
- The future of assessment Post COVID-19: Medical education perspective
- ASU Healthcare Community Outreach
- polarity thinking in medical education
- Introduction to bioinformatics
- Precision Medicine

Second: Student Sector
Where two simulation sessions were held:
The first session was dedicated to students of the medical sector, and it is a simulation session of World Health Organization. Whereas the second session was for students of faculties in the humanities sector and aims to demonstrate the role that each faculty can play in transforming the university into a fourth-generation university.

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Third: Innovations Sector: iHUB

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