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Ain Shams University faces the Corona virus

19897 2022-05-12

This page provides the Ain Shams University community with important updates related to the COVID-19 epidemic

Within the framework of Ain Shams University's preparations to confront the potential developments of the Coronavirus pandemic, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of the University, tasked the various sectors of the university with developing a plan to manage the situation from its various medical, educational and environmental aspects. The medical plan and the environment included increasing awareness campaigns within the university, and the university also worked on relying on the hybrid education system between direct and electronic to reduce the chances of infection among students, university workers and faculty members, in addition to an emphasis on monitoring the implementation of precautionary measures in all colleges, university departments and units.



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Ain Shams University is working to vaccinate all of its members, including students, faculty staff, and employees, that is in an effort to reduce the risks of the spread of the Corona virus and reduce complications and symptoms, and Ain Shams University Hospitals started the vaccination campaign since last February, before the campaign reached every faculty of the university to target students and employees, Below are some of the activities and events that the university undertakes in this regard:

• Faculty of Sciences continues the campaign of vaccinations against Covid 19 for students, faculty staff and employees.

• Faculty of girls receive a campaign to vaccinate students against the Corona virus.

• Faculty of Agriculture receives a preventive medicine campaign to vaccinate against the emerging corona virus

• Announcing the link for scheduling the medical examination and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine for Ain Shams University students in the various faculties.

• Ain Shams University Hospitals: We vaccinated 13,000 employees and are targeting 100,000 others.

• Faculty of Al-Alsun receives a preventive medicine campaign to vaccinate its employees against the emerging corona virus.

• Vaccination 517 of the faculty staff, the teaching assistants, and the employees at the Faculty of Business in two days.

• Compulsory Campaign for vaccination against the Corona virus for faculty staff and employees at the Faculty of Arts.

•Launching the wishes registration service to receive the Corona virus vaccine at Ain Shams University.

• Ain Shams University announces the vaccination of 3500 of its members with the Corona vaccine.

• Ain Shams University continues to vaccinate its members with the Covid-19 virus vaccine.

Ain Shams University has taken several precautionary measures to confront the emerging corona virus, through which it was keen to reduce the infection rate among students, workers and faculty members at the university, and stressed the need to adhere to them in all university departments and colleges, and among these measures:

• Immediate contracting with companies specialized in sterilization working to apply the latest sterilization methods to disinfect all university facilities from classrooms, runways, examination halls, administrative offices and service places.

• Preparing clinics and medical centers and providing the required supplies.

• Ensuring a mechanism for transferring and transferring suspected cases with an ambulance designated for the transfer of suspected cases.

• Follow-up of suspected cases by conducting all necessary analyzes in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health, provided that the case is transferred after that to isolation in designated hospitals.

• Publishing educational videos on how to deal with the Corona virus:


Awareness campaign to prevent Corona

University Precautionary Measures


How to wear a Medical Mask

Ain Shams faces Corona virus

Ain Shams University has been keen to have an effective contribution at the societal level in confronting the Corona virus, based on its assumption of social responsibility and considering it an integral part of society, as the university has continued since the beginning of the spread of the deadly virus its scientific research and awareness efforts to confront it, and among these efforts:

• Ain Shams University explore the opinions of its affiliates on procedures for dealing with the Corona pandemic

• The university president inaugurates the activities of the international scientific lecture on lung and respiratory diseases

 Receiving Egyptians returning from abroad in its university cities

 Organizing a webinar on the impact of Covid-19 on the Egyptian and international economy "Opportunities and Challenges"

• Guide for the safe return to work under the pandemic Covid19