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Dean of the Faculty of Arts: There is no prejudice to the free education ... and credit hours are not a "Dough"

16625 2020-11-22

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mortada, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, revealed that there is a future plan for the faculty to continue the processes of development and progress, indicating that the number of the students in the new academic year exceeds 21 thousand students, and 3 thousand and 500 students were accepted from the first and the second stage of coordination, provided that 1500 students from the third phase coordination are received.

Mortada added, in his interview with Al-Ahram Gate, that education is free for those who deserve it and not prejudiced, and it must be granted to the outstanding student who seeks to excel in knowledge and not lazy, explaining that the faculty has 16 various departments and there is a plan to introduce new programs in departments with a 4-year study system, not Free as part of the development and search for a graduate who is able to keep up with the labor market.

The Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University also indicated that the faculty applies the attendance and absence system in order to respect the educational process and reaches 50% in departments, stressing that the faculty applies the credit hour system for free and that whoever calls it a "dough" is not aware of reality. For more details, read the full dialogue:

At the beginning, tell us about the faculty’s preparations for the new academic year?

Preparation for the new academic year 2019-2020 was on two levels, "the university and the faculty" ... At the university level, preparation was well prepared, at all levels with what students need from the educational point of view, and there was a tour of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, the university president, a flag salutation was performed with the students to spread the spirit of belonging, accompanied by the deans of the faculties as well as the vice-deans, to check on the regularity of the study from the first day in accordance with the agenda of the Supreme Council of Universities for the time map for the new year.

As for the preparation of the faculty, there was continuous work in order to prepare well for the new university year, contrary to the activities provided by the university at the beginning of the year, analysis of virus C and blood donation, and a simulation model that follows the Council of Ministers, preparing data show and offices, and checking on the basic structure of the faculty, and there was a fundamental change in what is necessary for the educational process within the faculty.

I also instructed the necessity of regular study from the first day, and for the faculty to work from Sunday to Thursday, and instructed the faculty members of the faculty to introduce students to the concept of the credit hour system so that the student is fully aware of it from the first days of the new academic year.

What about faculty departments?

The Faculty of Arts has 16 different departments, for example, and not limited to, “Arabic Language - English - Eastern Languages - Hebrew - Sociology - Psychology.” We stressed the commitment to the lectures in the departments from the first day of the new year, as the students of the first and second years of the coordination of the new academic year 2019-2020 were received, and now the number of students of the third year coordination is waiting for them to begin the integration quickly with the student inside the faculty.

Regarding credit hours ... How was the guidance on the educational system?

As I confirmed before, I instructed the faculty members of the faculty to realize the necessity of students' knowledge of the credit hour system to get acquainted with it through the academic advisor in a short time or through education and student affairs officials as they are the closest in dealing with students on an ongoing basis. By communicating with the student, provided that there is a new spirit within the college, and we want a well-qualified graduate to market knowledge and not be limited to obtaining a university degree, we wish to build the student’s personality, develop the student’s various capabilities and skills, spread awareness among the student, and it appeared from the first day study through student activities, including scouts and the Nubian House, and this week is witnessing a meeting with student families, in order to map out how to deal with new students and how to actively participate in all student activities within the faculty of all kinds.

Once again ... some people see that the credit hour system as a "dough" in universities for making money ... How do you see that?

Before answering this question... I assure you that the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University is the only faculty that applies the credit hour system for free, unlike other faculties that have programs at a large level of education such as Faculty of Business and law that apply it with fees, and it has a great demand, unlike what is applied in private universities, paying huge sums, and private universities in this regard work under the umbrella of public universities, and working in this is "no shame", because the distinguished programs and cooperation with international universities and twinning is not easy and requires high costs .. Looking at universities, there are 60% who entered universities from private schools!

It is also imperative to develop educational science, and in need of hard effort, greater support, and the state provides its support in the permissible light, and we must think outside the box, and work on having programs that help develop the educational process, and the contribution from the private sector with public universities and the state is a limited role. Finding innovative programs and experts at a high level of competence, and making talk that credit-hour programs are a "dough for universities" that come without study and is considered very dangerous, unconscious and threatens the stability of institutions as there is no awareness of what is happening in making agreements with major universities.

How do you see "Free Education"?

Education is free for those who deserve it and for the superior, and it is not prejudiced and subject to "free" entitlements that others do not deserve, and we strive for development and development, and there are crises in the huge numbers in colleges. We seek a well-qualified student for the labor market, and free of charge applies to those who deserve it and who excels in education as well as the student who seeks education. It is not "for the wasting time inside the university", and we need special educational legislation in the application of freebies, especially in pre-university education.

What about student numbers?

The Faculty of Arts received 3,500 students from the coordination of the first and second stages, and it is expected to accept 1500 students from the coordination of the third stage, and thus the total number of the students at the Faculty has exceeded 21 thousand students.

Can you explain more the attendance and absence processes in the faculty?

There are strict measures taken by the faculty in this regard to respect the educational process, as we send warnings more than once, and then we find rumors that the letter was not sent from the mail. We are determined to reform and develop, and we apply the percentage up to 50% in the departments, and determine the grades on it at several levels, 18 degrees for each level.

What about scientific research and international publishing?

The first decision I made in the Faculty Board was the revitalization of international publishing processes and international publishing processes, one of the factors in the upgrading of the international classification, and there must be an international publishing unit in every university, and attention to good researchers and the establishment of incubators for researchers to publish their research internationally, and there is great interest in the faculty in scientific research operations and international publishing, and we are working on that in the coming periods.

What is the faculty’s role in community service?

The university and the faculty has the position of deputy vice-dean for environmental affairs and community service, and the tasks assigned to them are to link the university and the faculty with the external community, and there must be cooperation with businessmen and investors on frameworks for cooperation, work and interest in the university student and what the labor market needs from students to quickly integrate into society and its service, the university is doing well in Community service and participation in all initiatives launched by the state.

Is there a more detailed explanation of the university admission systems?

The aim of implementing new admission systems in universities is a capable graduate who needs a job market qualification, and I propose what is called a "preparatory year" at the university to make the university 5 years old, provided that the first year is preparatory as it is in the faculties of engineering and is called "preparatory", so that the student knows what it will be studied and introduced to the university and its specializations well, in a way that guarantees the student's communication, interaction and study at the university and qualifies him well, as it is applied in King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, and takes in the introductory year all skills and knowledge and how to enter the knowledge bank, and get rid of private lessons that do not benefit anything and move away from the systems We are working on preparing and formulating the student’s personality and qualifying him for the labor market and serving the state.

As a professor of sociology, how did you approach the issues on the media scene now?

Strong media platforms are necessary to confront the evil channels that want destruction for the state and its institutions, and to change the idea of ​​night television programs, as we see evil channels starting from noon and throughout the day, and we must confront those news and rumors that have become like a "snowball" and respond to them in a strong media style, and show achievements that the state undertakes, focusing on universities and university youth, and there must be a department or college within the university for psychological and family counseling, to accommodate the student, communicate socially, develop and activate technology units within universities and seriously confront rumors.