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Services and Facilities

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Participate in student activities through the Youth Welfare Department at the University City through:

  • Sports activities such as: (football - athletics - weight lifting ... etc.)
  • Cultural activities such as: (public lectures - seminars)
  • Social activities such as (trips - chess competitions)
  • Public services such as (public service camps inside and outside the university).


Psychological guidance:

The University City has students and psychosocial services. It receives students who have psychological and social problems in order to identify their problems and work to find solutions to them.

Laundry and ironing service:

A laundry in the university cities provides a laundry service for all students' belongings and clothes.


Nutrition services:

The meals are prepared and distributed to the students at the restaurant. The meals are well prepared to provide three meals to the students (breakfast - lunch - dinner).

- The Zafaran Restaurant was operated in the University City for male students after providing all the necessary machines and equipment for the restaurant and conducting all the procedures for all standard tests (bacteriological smears). In addition, a comprehensive maintenance was carried out at the Pharaonic restaurant, and the food was transported wrapped from the Zafaran Restaurant to its dining hall.

 Saffron restaurant   Pharaonic restaurant


Activating the barcode system in all University City restaurants: The barcode system was activated to facilitate distribution of meals for students to residents of university cities after contacting the technical support for the electronic registration system (Al Zahraa system) at Mansoura University and updating it so that it reads the barcode and provides all the necessary needs (Machines) to activate the system.



Luxury Housing:

The university cities provide a building in the University City for boys and another one in the University City for girls equipped with a luxury equipment (indoor bathroom+ furniture and fittings+ nutrition) at a cost of a hotel for those who wish at actual cost.


ASU Accommodation Mosque:
Based on Ain Shams University's keenness to raise awareness, religious culture and regularity in practicing sublime Islamic rituals, the university city has embraced a mosque to hold prayers and religious and educational seminars, as one of the important service facilities in the city.
To view more about mosque click here

Note: Enrolled international students shall pay 25% of the cost / per month, while non-grant international students pay the actual cost, such as Egyptian students.