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Insects Scientific Museum


The Department started in the work of the insect group since 1950 when the Department was affiliated to the Institute of Higher Teachers. Prof. Mohamed Taher El Sayed Herman Prisens of the Ministry of Agriculture to oversee the department group. Since then, the section has supported the museum and supplied it with insect specimens through several trips to different parts of Egypt (Alexandria and Salloum in the north - Aswan, Wadi El Alaqi and Toshka in the south - along the Red Sea to Jabal Elba and the borders of Sudan in the east and all oases in the west)



The museum includes several insect collections:

Research Reference Group: It is considered one of the major groups in Egypt, where it contains many insect species of grades and was collected from different regions over a period of time exceeding one hundred years (1900-2002), where this group serves the purposes of scientific research from the theses of Master and Ph.D. The number of these samples to about 60 thousand samples located in two thousand insect species and these types are preserved inside the number of 11 wooden wheel.

Side Group: This group contains about fifty thousand insect specimens preserved in 13 "wooden" cups, which are classified insects.

Dedicated Group: This collection contains a number of rare insect species that have been dedicated to the section from different regions of the world (Mediterranean countries - Austria - Germany - Japan - Libya - Saudi Arabia).

Paintings: This collection contains a large number of good paintings and drawings, which are used in lectures and scientific lessons in the department.