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Terms of Blind Students Acceptance in Faculty of Al-Alsun


They are accepted according to the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities, which is issued every year and provided that they get the secondary school this year and a total of at least 50% + the total of the three languages applied in the faculty in the year of enrollment with the residence within the university and are accepted after performing the medical examination by the Medical Committee.

Acceptance of these students to the Faculty of Al-Alsun is required to master the blind student dealing with the computer (computer) because the student examines his courses through the computer.

The Faculty has nearly one hundred blind students in the bachelor and postgraduate levels distributed in Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish departments, in addition to studying some languages as a second language such as French and Farsi.

They also received their lectures at Rafik Al-Darb library at the faculty and the library has its own e-mail through which to receive the electronic copy of scientific materials sent by faculty members and the associate body and sent to students.

In recent years, the College has purchased two modern printers for this purpose, in addition to the presence of two older printers in the library. It is estimated that the library prints in each semester between 15 to 20,000 braille papers.

The library also prints students' research papers to be presented to the faculty members through the photocopying printer.

The library also has more than one scanner through which the transfer of scientific materials, which does not have an electronic copy on the computer to be reviewed by faculty and auxiliary staff or some families in the faculty, such as hands.

Throughout the academic year, the Library prints Braille and postgraduate exams for bachelor and postgraduate students in Braille, ranging from 100 to 120 exams throughout the semester.

In addition, the library communicates with students through its group on the social networking site Facebook to announce anything related to blind students, whether trips, social activities or any alerts related to the study.