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Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mortada, Dean of Faculty of Arts, inspects the faculty's electronic coordination lab
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mortada, Dean of Faculty of Arts, inspects the faculty's electronic coordination lab

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mortada, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, and Prof. Dr. Hanan Kamel, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, accompanied by Prof. Dr. Moawad Badawi Moawad, Director of the Information Technology Unit, Head of the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Systems, and the General Supervisor of the College's Electronic Coordination, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khader, supervisor of the coordination work at the college, during the second day of the first stage of university coordination.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mortada, during the tour, stressed the need to follow all precautionary measures to limit the spread of the "Corona virus" in light of this heavy student turnout, noting that the temperature is measured before entering the college, sterilization of laboratories, and alerts to wearing masks and adhering to social distancing.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mortada to provide many services to students, including providing free internet service and printing of wishes after the step of registering desires, in addition to guidance and direction by a trained administrative staff of more than 65 individuals who answer all questions about using the site and the correct way to register desires.


On her part, Prof. Dr. Hanan Kamel said that the coordination laboratories are witnessing a heavy turnout due to the withdrawal of student files from schools, explaining that the coordination laboratories are operating at full capacity, and the college has provided places for parents to rest, in addition to the presence of breaks every two hours during which laboratories are sterilized.

Prof. Dr. Moawad Badawy said that due to the location of the Faculty of Arts and its presence near the university gate, its laboratories receive a larger number of students than other coordination laboratories at the university, stressing that the coordination laboratories at the Faculty of Arts have great experience in this field and have a distinguished work team because they are among the first colleges at the level of Egyptian universities that It has been receiving students since 2008, noting that some important information is clarified to students, among which is the student's right to amend wishes at any time during his stage period.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khader said that the first phase of coordination will continue until next Wednesday, in addition to the continuation of service provision in the three college laboratories, in addition to the presence of three additional laboratories in case of high demand, from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon.