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Social activity department

17162 2022-10-16

Believing in the vital role of managing social activities and camps in the formation of an integrated and balanced personality, understanding self-affirmation, the ability to develop skills, deepening the spirit of participation and community through activities, creating appropriate opportunities for practicing activity, encouraging students to scientific research and providing technical and financial support in order to develop capabilities, develop skills and assume responsibility, and work on Providing social support to the incapable, people with special needs, patients and orphans (through guidance and counseling).

It is one of the pillars upon which the General Administration of Youth Welfare is based, through the activities implemented by the administration at the level of university students, as well as between students of the university and other universities.

The most important activities:-

1- Opening of the new school year.

2- The ideal male and female student competition at the university level.

3- New Year's Celebration.

4- Chess competition (teams - individual) at the university faculties level.

5- Social research competition.

6- Competition (student - coach).

7- Celebration of the ideal mother.

8- Orphan's Day Celebration.

9- Organizing several leadership training camps in several governorates during the summer vacation.

10- Seminars and community initiatives and the implementation of many medical convoys.

11- People’s Festival under the name “Against Extremism and Terrorism”

12- Social research competition at the level of Egyptian universities, institutes and academies.

13- Girls' Youth Week.

14- University Youth Week.

15- Creativity competition.

16 - Ideal students competition at the level of Egyptian universities.

17- The first summit of universities at Benha University.

18 - The project of employing students during the summer vacation.

19- Any other proposed work.

Management Objectives:-

1- Creating the appropriate atmosphere to create social interaction within the student community.

2- Spreading the spirit of cooperation among university students.

3- Development of a normal personality through the practice of various activities.

4- Implementation of educational and recreational camps and trips.

5- Training and refining the skills of students and providing them with information and knowledge that qualifies them to work in solving the problems of the society around them.

Some pictures of the activities carried out:

The ideal student competition at the university level
New Year's Celebration
chess competition
Ideal Mother's Day
Seminar entitled "Against Extremism and Terrorism"
Peoples Festival entitled "Against Extremism and Terrorism"
The First Summit of Universities at Benha University

Honoring the Faculty of Arts Union Board at the closing ceremony of student activities for the current academic year

The Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University concluded the student activities of the Faculty Union for the academic year 2021 / 2022 by holding an exhibition of artworks for students, which included all handicrafts, recycling, drawing and photography that students designed throughout the year through various competitions, 


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Competition Application Form

First: University Youth Week at Kafr El-Sheikh University

Ain Shams University won the first place in the Chess Championship (teams)

Second: Creativity Competition (Ministry of Youth)

Budget: 440 pounds

University Youth Week for International Students at Mansoura University

Budget: Open Education Budget (collective)

The future summer plan for the 2019 season

First: Preparation and implementation of camps in Marsa Matrouh and Ras El Bar

(To highlight projects provided to serve our new students)

** Chess Championship "Teams"

Number of beneficiaries: University students