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Social activity department

It is one of the pillars of the General Administration of Youth Welfare through the activities carried out by the Department at the level of university students as well as between university students and other universities, for example, but not limited, there are many activities: -

The ideal student competition at the university level.

Chess Championship at the level of university colleges.

Social Research Competition.

Participate in social research competitions organized by other universities.

Implementation of many medical convoys.

Participation in the weeks of university youth.

Celebration of Mother's Day and orphan day.

“Nations Days” Festival.

Organizing several camps to prepare leaders in many provinces during the summer holidays.

Student employment project during summer vacation.

Department Objective:

Create the right environment to create social interaction within the student community.

Spreading the spirit of cooperation among university students.

Developing the right personality through practicing different activities.

Implementation of camps and educational and recreational trips.

Train and refine students' skills and provide them with the information and knowledge that will enable them to work in solving the problems of the surrounding community.

Competition Application Form

First: University Youth Week at Kafr El-Sheikh University

Date of implementation: 2/2 to 8/2/2019

Number of beneficiaries: 12 students

Budget: 1000 LE                     Outgoing: 1000 LE

Ain Shams University won the first place in the Chess Championship (teams)

Second: Creativity Competition (Ministry of Youth)

Implementation date: 10/2 to 13/2/2019

Number of beneficiaries: 14 students

Budget: 440 pounds

University Youth Week for International Students at Mansoura University

Date of implementation: 27/1 to 29/1/2019

Number of beneficiaries: 5 students

Budget: Open Education Budget (collective)

The future summer plan for the 2019 season

First: Preparation and implementation of camps in Marsa Matrouh and Ras El Bar

Date of implementation: 16/7 to 11/9/2019

Number of beneficiaries: 2418 students

Second: a reception for new students for the academic year 2019

(To highlight projects provided to serve our new students)

** Chess Championship "Teams"

Implementation date: 28/3 to 10/4/2019

Number of beneficiaries: 66 students

Budget: 14700 LE

Execution Date: 6/3 to 31/3/2019

Number of beneficiaries: University students