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Next August 7... Applying for aptitude tests electronically will open
Next August 7... Applying for aptitude tests electronically will open

In light of the work schedule of the Office for Tansik Office of Admission to Universities and Institutes for this year 2021, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is pleased to announce the start of the work of Tansik Office, immediately after the end of the Egyptian high school exams, by organizing aptitude tests for its students who wish to enroll in faculties whose admission is required to pass the qualification tests, this is in accordance with the conditions and rules issued by the Supreme Council of Universities.

And in order to facilitate our students and within the framework of the e-government system supported by the state with all its devices, the Ministry of Higher Education has provided the opportunity for our students to register aptitude tests electronically from Saturday 7/8/2021 until Thursday 19/8/2021 and the following list of faculties whose admission is required to pass aptitude tests:

1. Faculties of Mass Communications.
2. Faculties of Fine Arts (Arts - Architecture).
3. Faculties of Applied Arts in universities (Helwan - Damietta - Benha - Beni Suef).
4. Faculty of Music Education in Zamalek, Helwan University.
5. Faculty of Art Education in Zamalek, Helwan University.
6. Faculty of Art Education, Minia University.
7. Faculties of Physical Education.
8. The two divisions of education (Art Education and Music Education) in the faculties of Specific Education and the Educational Theater Division in the Faculty of Specific Education, Mansoura University and its two branches (Mitt Ghamr - Minya Al-Nasr).
9. The two divisions of art education in faculties: Education in Ismailia, Suez Canal University, and Faculty of Education in Suez, Suez University.
10. Faculty of Education in Ismailia (Musical Education Division) Suez Canal University.
11. The faculties affiliated to the universities of technology (the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology at New Cairo University of Technology, the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology at Delta Technology University, and the Egyptian-Korean Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology at Beni Suef University of Technology).
12. Faculties of Nursing and technical institutes of nursing.
13. Faculties of Tourism and Hotels.

Appointments, selection of faculties and places to perform qualifying aptitude tests will be recorded on the Internet on the following website:

Steps to register for online aptitude tests:

1- The student enters Tansik Website that is shown above, and then enters the aptitude tests registration page on this website.
2- The student starts the registration process to perform the aptitude tests, using the national number and the student's sitting number.
3- The student's personal data will appear, which includes (seating number - student name - national number - governorate - educational administration to which the student belongs - school - the section studied by the student "scientific - engineering - literary"), and the student must
nsure the correctness of the data recorded on the website Student electronic format.
4- A list of the types of aptitude tests available to the student, the faculties and places designated for performing these tests, as well as the dates specified for the student, will appear to the student.
5- The student chooses the type of aptitudes and dates, and the date he will go to the faculty will be determined, bearing in mind that the capabilities of the faculties of physical education last for three consecutive days.
6- After the student completes the registration process, the student prints a receipt that includes the types of aptitudes that he expressed a desire to perform, the dates and places for performing these tests in the faculties that the student registered on the Electronic Tansik Website.
7- The concerned faculties are obligated to hold aptitude tests on the specified dates.
8- Faculties are also obligated to send and enter exam results directly through the faculty’s page on the Electronic Tansik Website, for all suitable students who take these tests, after making sure that the sitting number and student’s name are correct so that there are no errors in the results.
9- The Electronic Tansik Program is provided with the names and data of the students who passed these tests to be nominated accordingly. The Faculties will be fully responsible for these results within the time period allocated for this, as no other results will be considered after closing the Electronic Tansik Website to register suitable students in these tests.
10- Exams are held on the scheduled dates once for each type of aptitudes, and the student who fails in them is not allowed to take aptitude tests again, whether in the same faculty or in another faculty. Any paper statement given by faculties with the result of the aptitude exams will not be considered in order to ensure transparency with our students.

Documents required when taking exams in the faculty:-

1- The student’s sitting number in high school and a copy of it for each of the aptitude tests he wants to take.
2 - One personal photograph for each of the tests, except for the physical education aptitude tests which require two (2) personal photographs for those wishing to perform these tests.

Important note:

This stage is limited to Egyptian high school students only, and the dates for holding aptitude tests will be announced later for students who have equivalent certificates (Arab - foreign), and diplomas of industrial technical institutes and industrial technical schools system (5,3) years in the light of the conditions and rules of admission after the results of these students appeared.

A list of the examinations locations