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International Students

21752 2024-06-06

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The University offers a wide range of services to international students, as is provided to our Egyptian students through university faculties, units and university cities as follows:

First: Early registration for international students:

Students can enroll early for study programs through this link

Second: Services provided through the General Administration of University Cities (Boys / Girls):

* Participation in student activities through the Youth Welfare Department at the University City through:

- Sports activities such as: (football - athletics - weight lifting ... etc.)

- Cultural activities such as (public lectures - seminars)

- Social activities such as (trips - chess competitions)

- Public services such as (public service camps inside and outside the university).

* With regard to guidance and psychological guidance:

The University City psychosocial services to provide students with psychological and social problems to learn about their problems and work to find solutions to them.

* For laundry and ironing service:

A laundry in the university cities provides a laundry service for all students' belongings and clothes.

* For nutrition services:

The meals are prepared and distributed to the students at a well-prepared restaurant to provide three meals to the students well (breakfast - lunch - dinner).


Enrolled international students shall pay 25% of the cost / per month, while non-grant international students pay the actual cost, such as Egyptian students.

The university cities provide a building in the University City for boys and another one in the University City for girls equipped with luxury equipment (indoor bathroom + furniture and fittings + nutrition) at the cost of a hotel for those who wish at actual cost.

Third: Medical and therapeutic services:

* The university cities (boys / girls) have a medical center equipped with all the first aid and the competent doctors where they receive the students in the center in the morning and there is a doctor in the city in the evening and the cases are referred to the state of health to be transferred to the specialized hospital to continue treatment.

* Cover the treatment of the incoming student in all the diseases he has developed. A medical examination will be conducted for the international students at the beginning of the academic year through Ain Shams Specialized Hospital as one of the registration procedures in the faculty for the new students and candidates for admission to the faculties of the university as well as the students of the higher stage so that each student has a medical record and shall have his / her health status when registered at the University.

* The international students enrolled in the various bachelor's and bachelor's degrees have the right to be treated at Ain Shams Specialized Hospital in light of the in-laws and regulations.

Fourth: the service of extracting enrollment certificates for international students:

* The student will go to the Department of Student Affairs in its entirety to extract a certificate confirming his enrollment in the faculty.

* Then he goes to the Department of International students in the Directorate General of Education and Students with the certificate of registration that he wishes to ratify from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

* The concerned employee shall issue a payment authorization for the expatriate student who shall pay the financial value of the educational service account in the General Administration of Special Accounts for LE 150.

* Attach the payment receipt with the certificate to be reviewed.

* Accurate data is reviewed from the records.

* The signature of the Professor / Vice Dean or Dean is confirmed.

* After the completion of the review, the Director General of Education and Student Affairs shall approve the certificates.

* The Department for external orientation for approval shall submit certificates to the student after approval.

Fifth: the transfer service of international students:

* The international student goes to the General Directorate of the expatriates and is located in 97 Al-Gomhouria Street in Ramses behind Al-Fath Mosque to apply for referral to the Faculty to be transferred to.

* The staff of the Department of International Students in the Directorate General for Education and Students receive the approvals received from First vice-dean of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Missions at the Ministry of Higher Education to transfer the international students in the various faculties.

* A payment authorization is issued to the international student who pays the value of the educational service account in the General Administration of Special Accounts to open a transfer file.

* The Department of International Students in the Directorate General for Education and Students sends the file to the Faculty for the clearing. It is returned to the Department after the clearing. The President of the University will approve the memorandum