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Information technology training project.


Higher education development strategy is the basic foundation that information technology systems in the Egyptian universities project depend on.

Project objectives:

The project aims to use information and communication technology to improve the educational process and to develop the performance of administrative and financial sectors and follow the academic affairs up at all levels, therefore, the project of information technology systems development in higher education has included a major focus of the elite human resources of faculty stuff, assistant teachers, lecturers and employees of educational institutions to use information Technology in their fields and to ensure the integration of other axes of development to achieve the desired goals of development.

The most important achievements

1-      Establish a central unit for the training in the Supreme Council of Universities.

2-      Construct and equip 22 information technology training center in the universities and provide them with the necessary equipment.

3-      Develop electronic infrastructure for training and online testing.

4-      241.193 trainee / course were trained through 12.362 training course.

Stages of the project:

Project’s stages include three phases each phase duration is six months, the training is done through these stages on the following route:

The main route:
Specialized in basic skills training and its target is all categories of trainees from faculty stuff, assistant teachers, lecturers and employees except trainers as they are familiar to these skills..considering that basic units learner can pass basic skills exams recognized internationally such as International Computer Driving License (ICDL).