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Digital Library

Project Manager: Dr/ Hany Shaker

Egyptian Universities Libraries Union

How to  use the digital library

How to  use the digital library 

Project’s objectives:

1- Mechanize work processes in the libraries of Ain Shams University.

2- Linking Ain Shams university libraries to the libraries of other universities through the Egyptian universities network.

3- Starting a unified index of library holdings.

4- Depending on the international standards in work procedures.


1- Creating a unit for digital libraries in the Supreme Council of Universities.

2- Providing electronic resources for research, periodicals, books, and university theses through a unified search portal (www.nelc.edu.eg).

3- Creating a unified index for library holdings (www.nelc.edu.eg).

4- Creating a database of university theses authorized by the Egyptian universities.

5- A national system to manage libraries automatically (future system for libraries) achieving more than 80% of the global systems specification for library management.

6- Providing a training program for more than 1,000 librarian to manage and use (future systems for libraries).

1- Mechanization of libraries (books - periodicals).

2-  Preparing loan data for students and faculty staff.

3- Efficient people trained on the latest indexing systems.


1- Ordinary students and post graduate students.

2- Professors (staff and assistants).

3- Researchers and all library visitors for reading and research.

4- Library staff to acquire experience in the field of mechanization and depending on the international standards.

How to  use the digital library