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How does international publishing become a source of income? One of the secrets of international publishing at Ain Shams University
How does international publishing become a source of income? One of the secrets of international publishing at Ain Shams University

In the context of Ain Shams University's interest in international publication, the Faculty of Specific Education organized a seminar entitled "Secrets of International Publishing". Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Prof. Dr. Amany Hanafi, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, hosted the seminar. The workshop hosted Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Ati, Vice President of the Academy of African Sciences and founder of the project of Arab influence laboratories and the head of medical science for international publication in America and the University of Sohag and adviser to Zewail University.
Prof. Dr. Osama Al Sayed, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Wael Al-Kadi, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Sally Shebel, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and a group of university professors and researchers attended this
During his speech, Abdul Nasser stressed the importance of maximizing the role of international publishing and make use of it for the increase of the international classification of the University, pointing to the increase in the reward of international publication in areas of laboratories, pointing out that the University supports the most recent scientific and technological research.
He stressed the importance of selecting vital and effective topics that can be applied to solve the problems of reality and tolerance of innovation, pointing to the importance of international partnerships with different international universities, which maximize the use of scientific research.
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdul Ati pointed to many of the secrets of international publishing, the most important of which is the international publishing the source of income of universities and individuals, depending on many factors, including the importance of the subject matter and research.
Professor Mahmoud Abdul Ati announced the start of the second phase of the project of Arab influence plants after the completion of the first phase successfully launched in January 2015.
The second phase includes the completion of the index of reference citations and its availability to researchers and the development of the project open source for all Arab researchers and all Arab universities.
Dr. Mahmoud Abdul Ati pointed to the importance of Arab Impact Factor, to identify Arab researchers in the most prominent scientific journals in their thematic fields, in accordance with the influence factor. This will allow them to publish in these prominent journals and help the Arab bodies to award prizes in the humanities and social sciences, as well as scientific promotion committees in Arab universities. Scientific studies.
At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser and Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi presented the Shield of the faculty to Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Ati in recognition of him.