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ASU Hospitals Management System

16111 2024-05-02

Considering the presidential mandate to implement a project to mechanize and develop the information infrastructure of university hospitals. The project aims to support the health, educational, research and administrative system in university hospitals with information technology means to improve the quality and increase the productivity of health care. In line with this, the administration of Ain Shams University Hospitals began in 2017 to develop a strategy towards achieving digital transformation in hospitals.

Which played an important role in the precedence and leadership of Ain Shams University Hospitals in starting to implement and activate the university hospital management system funded by the Egyptian state. The employment rate reached 92%, with 12 hospitals operating (surgery - geriatrics - toxicology - oncology - cardiovascular surgery - psychiatry - outpatient clinics - emergency - internal medicine - obstetrics and gynecology - children - Ain Shams Specialist) out of 13 hospitals, and complete electronic connectivity of the hospital management system with other systems such as the laboratory system and the radiology system.

System Specifications:

  • - Create and maintain a complete electronic medical file for each patient.
  • - The system can be accessed through the hospital data network that connects all hospital buildings, specifying the powers of each category of users (doctors - employees - patients).
  • - The system includes pharmacy management - radiation and chemotherapy management - intensive care management - blood bank management - infection control management - catheter and endoscope management - warehouse and purchasing management - human resources - financial and payroll management - hotel - nutrition - maintenance.
  • - Extract various medical and administrative reports and statistics easily and accurately, which helps support various decision-making by hospital and university administration.
  • - The system applies within the university only.

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