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ICTP Projects

Project Vision

 A higher education system that works on the basis of quality assurance using communication & information technology to perform and manage the educational process with all its foundations depending on higher education information center that provides all information required for education, scientific & technology research also to support the community.


Project Mission

Availability of and exchanging information electronically through the universities’ information nets directly and quickly, Developing new educational ways, achieving complete mechanization for the university management and preparing the university community for dealing with it throw directed & continuous training.

The General Goals of information computer technology projects
- Supporting the higher education information center in the Supreme Council of Universities to establish and continue all of its projects.
- Guaranteeing continuous benefit of the first stage of the ICTP project's outputs.
- Setting techniques that guarantee complete integration between all applications of information and communications system.
- Providing electronic services to the staff and the students through the electronic portal for each university.
- Developing new projects depending on the outputs of the first stage of the ICTP projects that affect directly all the dealers with higher education system.
- Setting techniques that help to fulfill the Supreme Council of Universities decision that students should have International Computer Driving License (ICDL) as a must to graduate.
- Proposing some techniques to guarantee continuous benefit of the ICTP project's outputs after ICTP Finance expires.


The Project's Technique 

ICTP Project finances some projects in the university and the supreme council of universities in order to make the information technology more useful & to help reducing the digital gab by using the following standards.

- Information net infrastructure development project.

- Operating & activating the university's portal project.

- Management information system development project.

- Electronic learning project.

- Digital library project.

- Information technology training project.