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External Missions

Link of External Missions of the Ministry of Higher Education

Necessary Conditions for admission to obtain a foreign PhD degree:

  1. The applicant shall be a teaching assistant or lecturer who has been appointed for two years in service - preference is given to the assistant teacher.
  2. The applicant’s age for the scholarship must not be more than 30 years at the time the foreign missions are announced in the official newspapers
  3. If the applicant for the scholarship is registered for a PhD, the registration period shall not exceed one year on the date of the announcement of the foreign scholarships - and if he is not registered for the PhD, the period for obtaining the Masters shall not exceed two workers.
  4. Obtaining a score of 500 in the International TOEFL equivalent to (61 IPT score) or (5.5 IELTS score) upon application, with adherence to the language levels required for each country when traveling, and its validity is two years from the date of the examination.
  5. Obtaining the International Driving License (ICDL) certificate.
  6. applicant shall have performed military service or been exempt from it.
  7. He should not have previously obtained a scholarship or grant to the state, with the aim of obtaining a doctorate.
  8. The overall grade of the undergraduate degree must be at least Very Good.

These missions are announced in the official gazette - on the competitive system.
To apply for these missions according to the specializations required by the announcement, to the General Administration of missions directly.
The General Administration of Scholarships informs the Department of Cultural Relations at the university who has been chosen to obtain these scholarships.
The University's Cultural Relations Department, in turn, notifies university faculties of the outcome received from the Scholarships General Administration.
The Department of Cultural Relations at the faculty notifies the department from which it was chosen to obtain the foreign mission.
The deadline for carrying out these missions is one year from the date of approval of the nomination to complete all the required documents, including the language level required for travel.

Those admitted and accepted to external missions shall go to the Scholarships General Administration to complete the required papers and documents, which are as follows:

  1. Accredited certificate of the first university degree and general estimate of graduation in English.
  2. Certificate of grades in all different subjects for all years of study and general appreciation in each academic year separately in the English language.
  3. Master's degree or equivalent in English.
  4. Statement of the date of registration for the master's or doctorate.
  5. A copy of the national ID card.
  6. Language level certificate The validity of the certificate is two years from the date of the examination.
  7. ICDL International Driving License
  8. A declaration that the applicant has not previously received a scholarship or grant to the country to obtain a PhD.
  9. The draft study plan for the PhD approved in the English language, detailed and specified according to the instructions shown.
  10. Evidence of initial approval by a supervisor or supervisors in two different countries on the research plan, if possible - taking into account the scientific level of the supervisor and the academic arrangement of the university, and the Scientific Committee has the right to make a comparison between them.
  11. The approval of the employer for these missions is the Dean of the Faculty - or equivalent.
  12. Certified data form in both Arabic and English.
  13.   Clarification of the names of three different professors who can be referred to when needed, along with an explanation of the means of contacting them, referring to:

Complete the declarations - and financial pledges - and a guarantor's pledge - and the absence of an approved and sealed party from the employer, medical examination and security forms.