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Ain Shams University announces master's scholarships offered by the Qalaa Foundation 2022

The Scholarships Welfare Office at Ain Shams University announces the beginning of admission to the Qalaa Foundation scholarships for the year 2022. Qalaa Foundation scholarships are granted to Egyptians residing in Egypt who wish to complete their studies abroad in one of the best universities in the world and in any discipline they want to study, provided they obtain acceptance from one of these universities. These scholarships provide full support for tuition fees and living costs.

Admission requirements:

- The applicant shall be of Egyptian national and residing in Egypt.

- Age is less than 35 years.

- Two years’ post-graduation experience.

- Unconditional admission to one of the best universities in the field of study to which the applicant is applying.

- English language proficiency.

- To be in need of financial support (must not have obtained any support or partial funding from another party except from the university to which he is applying to study abroad).

- Return to Egypt for at least two years after the end of study abroad.

- Military service position certificate for males.

Required documents:

- Application form (in the attached file).

- Acceptance letter from the foreign university.

- A copy of the completed application form that was submitted to the foreign university selected for study.

- Updated CV.

- Two letters of recommendation.

- Recruitment position (for males).

Deadline for application:

The last deadline is on April 15, 2022.

To view the scholarship details, please visit the following website:

To download Registeration form, click here

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