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Know your University (Faculty of Engineering)

16881 2023-07-30

The Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University ... a history dating back to the era of Muhammad Ali Pasha

Returning to the law establishing Ain Shams University (Ibrahim Pasha Al-Kabeer) in 1950, we find that the first article stipulates that the university consists of faculties that were already existing and their affiliation moved from Fouad I University (Cairo) to the nascent university, and other independent faculties that were self-contained and were annexed Directly to the university, and high institutes that have been converted into colleges, and among these institutions is the “Higher Institute of Engineering in Abbasiya”, which was established in 1839 AD during the era of Muhammad Ali Pasha under the name of the “Technical Operations” school with the aim of graduating technicians and engineers in the fields of civil and military industry.

Then Khedive Ismail decided to develop the School of Operations in 1868 AD, so he established the “School of Arts and Crafts”, and other technical departments were introduced in it.

In 1918, it was decided to separate the Department of Arts and Decorative Industries and transfer it to Saraya Al-Orman, which later became the Faculty of Applied Arts (Helwan University).

In 1932 AD, the Department of Mechanics and Electricity and the Department of Buildings and Construction moved to the Serail of Abdo Pasha's palace in Abbasiya, and called it the School of Applied Engineering.

Then a ministerial decision was issued in 1946 AD to convert it into the Higher Institute of Engineering, which became the nucleus of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.