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Know your University (Faculty of Business)

16754 2023-07-30

The nucleus of the Faculty of Business is the Higher Institute of Financial and Commercial Sciences

The Faculty of Business was established in July 1950 under Law No. 93 regarding the establishment of Ain Shams University (Ibrahim Pasha Al-Kabeer), and its nucleus was the Higher Institute of Financial and Commercial Sciences.

The institute was established in 1942 to alleviate the burden of university education at the Faculties of Commerce in Cairo and Alexandria. It accepted holders of a secondary school completion certificate (Private Section) and granted a bachelor's degree in financial and commercial sciences and the study period is four years.

Although the faculty is an extension of the institute, its study plan has developed significantly by finding the desired proportion between theoretical and applied studies.

Postgraduate studies at the faculty began in 1952 with the diploma system that qualifies for registration for a doctorate degree in the fields of business administration and accounting, then it developed into a master's and doctoral system.

In 1992, the studying at the French Division began.

In 1993, the studying in the English section began.

The Faculty of Business at Ain Shams University is still witnessing successive developments to achieve leadership in the university community to continue as one of the scientific, research and innovative beacons for the advancement of society.