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Know your University (Faculty of Law)

16758 2023-07-30

The number of students in the first year of the Faculty of Law was 1276 when it was established

The Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University was established in 1950 and began to receive students of the first year in the academic year 1950-1951, whose number reached 1276. Then these students moved to the upper class. The number of its students in 1953-1954 was 6429 students, and thus it contributed a large share in the field of studying law.

The faculty staff were chosen at its establishment from among the faculty staff of the Universities of Cairo and Alexandria, and their number at that time was eleven members, then this number began to increase until it reached in the year 1999-2000 eighty-nine members, and in the year 2010-2011- (113). member).

The faculty includes a department of postgraduate studies, which opened at the beginning of the academic year 1960-1961.

In the academic year 1993/1994, the faculty witnessed the birth of a new scientific facility, the “Center for Legal and Economic Studies,” which was intended to serve as the mother center that includes the Department of Research and Legal and Economic Studies, including all the divisions that are included in the study of law in its various branches, as well as economics and public finance in the faculty. This is in addition to the Department of Legal Vocational Training, which undertakes the link between theoretical studies and practical legal life in its various aspects.

The “Ain Shams Law Center for Arbitration” was established in the faculty on 9/24/1997 as a unit of a special nature. It aims to provide a scientific base for advancing the fields of arbitration and amicable settlement of disputes. Preparing for arbitration work, organizing courses and conferences related to arbitration, cooperation and developing links with other arbitration centers in Egypt and abroad.

With the beginning of the 1999 academic year, the open education system was established for the first time.

In 2003, the French section was opened for graduates of French secondary schools in order to study legal subjects in the French language. The student is granted a Bachelor’s degree in law accredited by Ain Shams University and the University of Lyon 3, where an agreement was signed with the latter in this regard, according to which a group of professors from the University of Lyon lectures in this section. 3 along with a group of faculty professors.

Also, in 2004, the English Language Department was established to teach legal subjects in English, and the student is granted a Bachelor of Laws degree in English. The aim of establishing these departments (French and English) is to try to meet the labor market that requires that the graduate be familiar with at least a foreign language.