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Know your University (Faculty of Science )

16472 2023-07-30

The Faculty of Science is the first faculty to establish its buildings in the Zafaran area

A decision was issued to establish the Faculty of Science in July 1950 as part of the procedures for the establishment of Ibrahim Pasha Al-Kabeer University (Ain Shams University), and the study began in the Orman area in Giza, then moved in 1951 to the area surrounding the Zafaran Palace and occupied some buildings around the palace, and thus the Faculty of Science is the first faculty which buildings were located in the Zafaran area. The construction of the main building of the faculty began in 1962 and was completed in the early seventies. A new building was added to the faculty in 2000.

The Faculty is committed to providing specialized vocational programs that meet national and regional needs and provide students with the necessary knowledge and training requirements to join the labor market efficiently or to postgraduate studies successfully.

The Faculty also works persistently to develop and update its programs to adapt to the changing needs of the community and the stakeholders who benefit from its services.

It also encourages basic and applied research that adds to scientific progress and improves the exploitation of natural resources and leads to an increase in national production. The faculty seeks to create close links with the local and regional industrial sector, public service institutions and environmental protection associations with the aim of raising the social and economic level of the Egyptian citizen.

In all fields of its activities, the faculty is committed to high academic standards, innovation, ethical values, and equal opportunities for all students and faculty staff.