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Know your University (Faculty of Medicine)

18498 2023-07-30

The Faculty of Medicine was annexed to Ain Shams University in 1950 to be the third Faculty of Medicine in Egypt

The Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, is considered one of the oldest Egyptian medical faculties since its establishment in 1947. Many talents and pioneering professors graduated from it in the field of medicine, management and leadership at the local level or the international level.

Al-Demerdash Hospital was established in 1928 with a donation from Mr. Abd El-Rahim El-Demerdash Pasha. The Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, was established in 1947. It was called the Abbasia Faculty of Medicine and was affiliated to Fouad I University (currently Cairo University), then it was joined to Ain Shams University in 1950 to be the third Faculty of Medicine in Egypt after Cairo Medicine and Alexandria Medicine, then a teaching hospital, Al-Demerdash Hospital, was attached to it, and it includes most of the surgical departments.

The buildings of the Freedom Refuge adjacent to the hospital were chosen as the headquarters for the scientific departments: anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry and their museums, and some departments of the final years such as forensic medicine and preventive medicine.

The faculty developed a plan for replacement, renewal and expansion, and the forensic medicine and toxicology building was replaced by the departments building now, which includes, in addition to the forensic medicine department, the departments of pathology, parasitology, medicines and bacteriology, in addition to the construction of the grandstands building, which includes three grandstands and next to it the metal building, which consists of four floors, of which two floors are entirely allocated for exam halls.

The Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, prepares a trained doctor with competitive skill at the local and regional level, and is able to teach, learn and train for life and is committed to standards of medical service and professional ethics. The Faculty supports the continuous development of programs, courses and scientific research with keenness to expand applied scientific research and health care programs to serve the needs of society and develop the environment.

You can learn more about the Faculty of Medicine through the official website from the following link: https://med.asu.edu.eg