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Know your University (Faculty of Education)

16712 2023-07-30

The Faculty of Education is one of the leading faculties in preparing and qualifying teachers

In 1929 AD, the Institute of Higher Education for Teachers was established; For the purpose of preparing teachers for general education schools, and to make the institute a center for scientific research in matters of education and psychological study of children, and to be a tool for spreading modern ideas about education among educators.

In September of 1956 AD, a law was issued to organize Egyptian universities, and then in the same month a presidential decree was issued stating: “The Faculty of Education should be one of the Faculties affiliated to Ain Shams University".

At the end of 1970 AD, the Teachers Faculty was joined to the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, and similarly, most of the Faculties of education in Egypt were established.

The Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University seeks to achieve quality in the preparation of teachers and educational cadres, and to conduct educational and specialized research, in a way that contributes to the development of the education system and the making of educational policies. The Faculty also seeks to bring about a quantum leap in the programs of preparing the teacher of the specialization subject to suit the variables of the Egyptian and Arab labor market.

In addition, the Faculty of Education is working to develop the postgraduate studies and scientific research system in light of competition trends and to improve its qualitative and quantitative outputs.

The Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, is one of the leading faculties in preparing and qualifying primary and secondary teachers, as it is concerned with the quality of educational outputs to suit the needs of the labor market. It also provides a suitable educational environment for students in the bachelor's/bachelor's degree and postgraduate studies, and it offers training programs for faculty members, administrators, and technicians working at the Faculty.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Education contributes significantly to the field of international cooperation by concluding agreements and protocols with international universities.

To learn more, you can access the official website of the Faculty through the following link: https://edu.asu.edu.eg/ar