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16423 2023-04-27

The Faculty of Girls wins the second place in the Republic Aikido Championship

  القاهرة 24

For the third year in a row… The students of the Faculty of Nursing present creative and innovative ideas in the Nursing Innovate Competition (3)

Group Iftar for children of the special needs care center and their families in a large amusement park

The President of Ain Shams University receives the cultural advisor at the French Embassy
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center participates with the Entrepreneurship Center at the Technical University of Berlin in the Ain Shams Innovates Competition
In cooperation with the electronic portal, the University Awards Office organizes its 35th meeting with Prof. Huda Wasfi, a multi-award winner
The Faculty of Specific Education receives the Quality Assurance Center visits in preparation for program accreditation
Prepared by the Faculties of Engineering at Cairo and Ain Shams Universities... The Prime Minister reviews proposals for developing the visual image of the Ring Road
The beginning of the Midterm exams for the second semester of the academic year 2022-2023 at the Faculty of Arts القاهرة 24
Ain Shams University Iftar in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, Presidents and vice presidents of Egyptian universities القاهرة 24
Opening a subscription to the Ramadan Football Tournament

The Minister of Higher Education chairs the meeting of the Supreme Council of Universities at Ain Shams University

The conclusion of the training program provided by the European Investment Bank and the Union for the Mediterranean for students of the Faculty of Business

The Vice President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs witnesses the Faculty of Girls' celebration of Mother's Day


For the fourth time in a row ... Ain Shams University launches the largest competition in the university, "Ain Shams Innovates"

   القاهرة 24 

Ain Shams University wins the Change Makers Competition for the year 2023


"Women in the Leadership Position" ... Seminar at the Faculty of Girls

The conclusion of the "Qualification for IELTS" workshop at the Faculty of Archeology

Ceremony of the announcement of the prizes for the "Chinese Readings" competition at the Faculty of Al-Alsun


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