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What are Coursera courses?

Coursera is a world-leading learning platform that provides more than 9000 online courses and learning material, all professionally designed and presented by the most prestigious universities and international organizations in various fields.

How to register in Coursera courses:

ASU2Learn Coursera platforms have been created and access to these platforms available through the university's e-learning system https://asu2learn.asu.edu.eg

Students and faculty staff can benefit from the partnership agreement signed between Ain Shams University and the Coursera platform for skills development and qualification for the labor market by enrolling in any of the courses available on the platform.

Upon completion of all course contents and requirements, an accredited electronic certificate can be obtained from the international university offering this course.

For more information, you can download the guide through this link, which shows the user how to enter Coursera through the home page of the e-learning platform for each faculty and take advantage of the courses available on Coursera.

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