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The Central Committee for Examining the Grievances of Faculty Staff

17775 2022-03-15

Article (34) includes the rules of the work system of the scientific committees for examining the scientific production of applicants for the positions of professors and assistant professors (the 13th session 2019-2022), which was approved by the Supreme Council of Universities in its 690th session dated 7/18/2019 and amended in its 693rd session dated 10/19 /2019.

Accordingly, it was approved by The President of the University on 4/19/2021 on a memorandum submitted by The Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research has formed a central committee at the university to receive and examine the grievances of the faculty staff affected by the decisions of the promotion committees of the Supreme Council of Universities not to be promoted, provided that its formation is as follows:

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Saleh


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Saleh

Vice President for Graduate Studies


Prof. Dr. Eid Nayel

Legal Adviser to the President of the University


Prof. Dr. Saad El-Sayed Mohamed Hassan

Emeritus Professor, Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Science


Prof. Dr. Abdul Qawi Ahmed Khalifa

Emeritus Professor, Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics - Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zakaria Al-Shalak

Emeritus Professor, Department of History - Faculty of Arts


Prof. Dr. Atef Muhammad Awad Al-Awam

Emeritus Professor, Department of Accounting - Faculty of Business


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Tayeb Nasser

Emeritus Professor, Department of General Internal Medicine - Faculty of Medicine


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Al-Wazir

Emeritus Professor - Faculty of Al-Alsun


Prof. Dr. Mona Abdel-Hadi Hussein

Emeritus Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction - Faculty of Girls


Prof. Dr. Dalal Abdel-Rahman Abu El-Ela

Emeritus Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Faculty of Pharmacy


Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid

Emeritus Professor - Faculty of Agriculture


Prof. Dr. Moheb Mahmoud Kamel Al-Rafei

Emeritus Professor - Faculty of Environmental Studies and Research


Grievance procedures:
The member affected by the decision of the Scientific Committee not to be promoted directly submits a petition to the Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research and Chairman of the Grievance Committee, explaining the reasons for the grievance, along with all documents that support the petition.

The liabilities of the committee:
The role of the committee is to examine the seriousness of the faculty member's grievance against the decision of the permanent scientific committee for promotion. If it appears to the committee that the applicant has a right to complain and that the committee applied the rules wrongly, or did it not pay attention to the necessity of taking a certain action, and this error or omission resulted in changing its final report, the faculty member would be promoted to appointment to the job or reduce the number of research required of him. Submit it or reduce the estimate of the research that he must submit, as if he is required to research with a good grade, and after correcting the error, the required research with an acceptable grade.