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The Faculty of Medicine celebrates the World Blood Donor Day
The Faculty of Medicine celebrates the World Blood Donor Day

For the second year in a row, the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University organized a celebration of World Blood Donor Day, under the patronage of Prof. Mohamed Diaa Zain Al-Abedeen, President of the University and Prof. Ali Al-Anwar, Dean of the Faculty and Chairman of the Board of Directors of University Hospitals, in the presence of Prof. Hala Suweed, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Tarek Youssef, Executive Director of Hospitals, and a group of professors from various specialties.

The celebration is a continuation of the competition for the best publicity program to encourage the community to donate permanent voluntary blood among several schools. The effort made by the students to spread awareness of permanent voluntary blood donation in the vicinity of their school and among their families was presented, which resulted in the establishment of donation campaigns within these schools.

The Lycée Albert Camus (New Giza Schools) and the Lycée Voltaire (Smart Village Schools) participated in attendance, and the students visited Ain Shams University Hospitals to learn about the various hospital services and the uses of blood and its derivatives for patients with kidney diseases and tumors.

Ass. Prof. Dalia Diaa El-Din Salem, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Director of Quality at the Main Blood Bank at Ain Shams University Hospitals and Coordinator of the 5 for 1 Program, said that this year the 5 for 1 Program was included on the Faculty of Medicine website and through it all information related to blood donation can be found. She added that it is for those who wish to donate, can register their data on the website and thus can be contacted and guided to the appropriate time and place to donate.

On the sidelines of the celebration, everyone who supported the 5 for 1 program was honored, whether by participating in organizing blood donation campaigns or the donors themselves. The colleges’ deputies for community service and environmental development were honored: Prof. Aladdin Abdel Halim (Faculty of Education) and Prof. Bassem Muhammad (Faculty of Archeology) and Prof. Hanan Salem (Faculty of Arts) and Prof. Rola Melad (Faculty of Pharmacy), and the Misr Sharyan Al-Ataa Association and its president, Prof. Mohsen Al-Alfi, Professor of Pediatrics

The Faculty of Pharmacy Student Union and a distinguished group of students and employees who joined the 5 for 1 program and became permanent donors were also honored, as well as those in charge of the campaigns, including administrators, technicians, and nurses of the blood banks at Ain Shams University Hospitals.

In conclusion, the winning school of the cup was announced, and it went to Lycée Albert Camus.

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