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Mining Geology Diploma


Geo. 501 Surveying, Evaluation and Operating mines
(a) Surveying:
Conventional and new methods of measuring distances - Angles and differences in elevations in the underground and surfaces - Methods of connecting points in the underground to surface points.
(b) Evaluation: Methods of measuring and computing volume and tonnage - Categories of mineral deposits - The European-American and Russian categories -Sampling.
(c) Mine Operations: Methods of fragmentation - Methods of transportation in the outside mines - Methods of ventilation and illumination - Open cast mining and operation of quarries - Methods of sampling in mines.

Geo. 502 Prospecting and Ore Dressing
(a) Prospecting:
Geophysical methods (Gravity methods, magnetic methods, seismic methods and vertical electrical sounding) – Geochemical prospecting (Sampling and assaying, direct geochemical methods and potential methods of geochemical prospecting).
(b) Ore Dressing: Methods of physical Ore dressing - Methods of chemical Ore dressing - Application of methods of floatation.

Geo. 503 Mineral Deposits in Egypt and Africa and their Economics
(a) Mineral Deposits in Industry:
( Metallic mineral deposits and their uses - Non metallic
mineral deposits and their uses - Building and ornamental stones).
(b) Mines in Egypt and mining: Economics ( Phosphate, manganese minerals, gold, heav
minerals, coal and their economics) - Mineral row materials for cement (their quarrying and economics-Building materials and ornamental stones).
(c) Mineral Wealth of Africa: Important mineral deposits of South Africa-west and north
Africa - Impact of the mineral wealth of Africa countries on their political position and economics.

Geo. 504 Field and Laboratory Studies in Mine Surveying, the Examination of Ore Minerals and the Dressing of Mineral Deposits.