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Molecular Biology Diploma


Biochem. 515 DNA Structure, Organization and Replication
Primary, secondary and tertiary structure of DNA – DNA organization and packaging – Viral structure and replication – Recombination and transposition.

Biochem. 516 Biological Information Transfer
The central dogma of molecular biology – Transcription – Translation – Regulation of gene expression – Genes in development – Gene expression and cancer.\

Biochem. 517 Genetic Engineering
Basic techniques – Cutting and joining DNA molecules – Cloning in E.Coli – Cloning in organisms other than E.Coli – Applications of recombinant DNA technology.

Biochem. 518 Practical Exercises
Transformation of E.Coli – Replication of plasmid and bacteriophage DNA – Isolation of DNA from blood – Restriction enzyme digestion and electrophoresis – Southern transfer and hybridization – Sequencing and data base searches – PCR.