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Nutritional Chemistry Diploma


Bio. 511 Diet and Diet disorders
Chemistry of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins - Digestion, absorption and metabolism
Carbohydrate disorders: Juvenile onset type - Maturity onset type - Primary diabetes, secondary diabetes - Hyperglycemia and glucosuria - Clinical feature of juvenile and maturity onset - Symptoms presentation – Diagnosis - Differential diagnosis of glucosuria - Types of treatment - Clinical uses - Glycosylated hemoglobin (HBAIC) – Fructosamine - Microalbuminuria, complication: (Ketoacidosis, Vascular Disorders, Diabetic nephropathy, Diabetic retinopathy, Cataract, infection) management - Choice of therapeutic regimen - Types of regimen - Monitoring and follow up of diabetic patients - Diet principles for that .
Protein disorders: Composition and function of kidney - Principle of deities in renal disorders - Peritoneal hemodialysis - Acute glomerulonephritis - Nephrotic syndrome - Acute renal failure - Chronic renal failure (uremia) – Treatment - Clinical features - Stones in urinary tract (Chemistry of calculus formation, Vesical calculus, Renal calculus) - Diet for renal disease and regimen
Lipid disorders: Disease of Liver - Biliary tract pancreas: Composition and function of liver - Cirrhosis of liver – Jaundice (Hemolytic jaundice, Obstructive jaundice, Hepatocellular jaundice, Hepatocellular disease, Acute hepatitis, Dietic regimen, Hepatic encephalopathy and treatment, Biliary cirrhosis. Prevention treatment, Disease of gall bladder and bile duct, Gall stones (cholelithiasis), as disease of pancreas - Hyperlipidemia Diet Plasma Lipids: Types of hyperlipidemia and treatment - Other lipids - Effect of diet on plasma lipids cholesterol and dietic regimen.

Bio. 512 Food Preservation
Food spoilage - Types of food spoilage - Food preservation - Preservative - Some aspects of preservative - Biochemical behavior in animal and human tissues - Antimicrobial action of preservatives - Chemical preservatives - (Health aspects – Toxicology – Regulatory status – Antimicrobial activity – Properties and analysis – Health aspects – Fields of use and available commercial forms) - Physical preservatives and other types of food preservations - Nutritional supplements - Flavoring substances …. Etc., and Color modifiers.

Bio. 513 Food Bio-hazards and Food Analysis
Endogenous toxins (Plant foods - Animal foods) - Microbial Toxins (Mycotoxins - Bacterial Toxins: Toxic food poisoning - Infective food poisoning) - Viruses and protozoa - Factors affecting the growth - Survival of micro- organisms - Toxic residues (Toxic agricultural residues -Toxic metal residues) – Food analysis – Sugars, Polysaccharides, Lipids, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Undesirables Caffeine Metabolism - Tables of microbial poisoning - Pathogenesis of Diarrhea and Vomiting - Viruses, Protozoa Nematodes – Laboratory diagnosis.

Bio. 514 Practical Course
Estimation of: Total protein in seeds - Total lipids in seeds - Total carbohydrates in cereal by phenol and Anthrone methods - Casein in milk - Soluble protein in milk - Lactose in milk - Ascorbic acid in fruit juice and in germinating seeds - Liver and muscle glycogen (Beef , Fish and Meat) – T. lipids and T. proteins in muscle (Beef , Fish and Meat) - Estimation of copper and Iron in foodstuffs - Qualitative estimation of preservatives (Sulpher dioxide, Benzoic acid, Nitric acid).