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Solar Energy Diploma


P 541 Solar Energy, Solar Cells and the Biological Effect of Solar Radiation
(a) Solar Energy: Solar cells and sunlight - Review of semiconductor properties - Generation recombination and the basic equations of device physics - P-n junction diodes - Efficiency limits, losses and measurements - Standard silicon solar cell technology - Improved silicon cell technology - Design of silicon solar cells - Other devices structures - Other semiconductor materials - Concentrating systems - Photo voltaic systems - Components and applications - Design of stand - Alone system - Residential and centralized photovoltaic power systems.
(b) Solar Cells: Solar energy conversion – Production of thin film solar cells – Thin film deposition techniques – Basic physical processes in solar cell materials – Photovoltaic behavior of junctions – Properties of thin films for solar cells.
(c) The Biological Effect of Solar Radiation: Biomass and fuel production – Hydrogen production.

P 542 Electrical Properties of Materials and Advanced Electronics
(a) Electrical Properties of Materials: Introduction - The crystalline and non-crystalline states of solids - Some properties of metallic lattices - Some properties of simple alloys - The conductivity of metals - The electron distribution in insulators and semiconductors - The thermo-electric power of semiconductors.
(b) Advanced Electronics: Multilayer neural networks – Multilayer model – Multilayer learning algorithm – Behaviour of multilayer network – Some applications – Electronic date publishing system – Hopfield fully – Connected neural network.

P 543 Materials for Solar Energy and Semiconductors
(a) Materials for Solar Energy: Absorbers – Reflectors – Materials for conversion of solar energy to heat - Materials for conversion of solar energy to electricity.
(b) Semiconductors: Introduction - Various types of semiconductors - Preparation of semiconductor materials - Carrier concentration in semiconductors - Junctions and contact problems - Photoconductivity - Semiconductor devices – Applications.

P 544 Practical Course