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General Biostatistics Diploma


Stat. 525: Theory of Sampling and Sampling techniques
Simple random sampling techniques - Ratios and regression estimators - Stratified populations and stratified random Sampling - Cluster and multistage Sampling - Sampling distributions.

Stat. 526: Estimation theory and hypothesis testing:
Review of basic concepts of random variables and probability distributions - Point and interval estimation of parameters - Hypothesis testing - Analysis of categorical data (confidence intervals, goodness of fit tests and contingency tables) - Multiplicity in statistical inference (sources of multiplicity, controlling multiplicity) - Single classification analysis of variance - Two – way analysis of variance.

Stat. 527: Non – parametric statistics
Introduction to non – parametric statistics - Non – parametric statistical inference - The Kruskal - Wallis one way analysis of variance by ranks - The Friedman two - way analysis of variance by ranks - The Spearman rank correlation coefficient - Non – parametric regression analysis.

Stat. 528: Design and Analysis of experiments.
The randomized block experiments - Latin squares and Greco – Latin square design - Factorial experiments - The Completely randomized design.

Stat. 529: Research Project.