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Applied Statistics Diploma


Stat. 521 Probability, Operation research and Stochastic Processes
Basic concepts of probability – Counting procedures and their applications in conditional probabilities – Conditional probability – Independence - Random variables – Describing random variables and their distributions - Special discrete and continuous distributions – Describing the joint behavior of several random variables – Limit theorems (law of numbers - Chebyshev’s inequality,…) – Transportation problem – Simulation techniques – Inventory problems.

Stat. 522 Non-Parametric Statistical Inference
Tests based on runs – Tests of goodness of fit – Rank-order statistics – The ordinary sign test and the wilcoxon signed-rank test – Sampling theory: basic concept of sampling theory – Simple random sampling – Stratified random sampling – Systematic sampling – Cluster sampling – Linear models: No distribution assumption – Estimation in univariate case – Multi variate case with distribution assumptions.

Stat. 523 Econometrics and Demography
Describing and analyzing economical phenomena using statistics – Statistical inference concerning the parameters of economical population – Regression analysis prediction of the behavior of economical data – Building standard models for project productions and analyzing the powerful of its deterministic parameters – Partial regression and its sufficiency as a tool for prediction and making economic decisions – Age-independent populations – Births and deaths under stability – Projection and forecasting.

Stat. 524 Practical Course