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Computer and its Application Diploma

16091 2021-10-24

CS. 501 Advanced Programming Languages
In this course, one of the recent computer languages is studied (regarding to the choice of the lecturer). In the last three years it was the C++ language with the following articles: Types, Operators and expressions - Simple input and output - Program Structure - Flow Control - Array and pointer - Classes and objects - Operator and function over loading - Inheritance.

CS. 502 Data Base and Operating Systems
Data Base: Formalization of relations – Keys – Updates to relations – Relational operators – More operations on relations – Inference axioms and their applications – Derivation and derivation dags – Testing membership in F+. Operating system: Hardware – Software - Firmware – Process concepts: States, States transitions, Control block, Operation on processes - Parallel processing - Mutual exclusion - Critical sections, Implementing mutual exclusion primitives - Dekker’s algorithm - A hardware solution to mutual exclusion.

CS. 503 Algorithms and Data Structures
Basic Concepts: Data structure description – Algorithm descriptions - Searching algorithms: Sequential search – Sorted array search – Hashing – Recursive structures search - Sorting algorithms: Techniques for sorting arrays – Sorting other data structures – Merging - Selection algorithms: Priority queues – Selection of Kth.

CS. 504 Research Project

CS. 505 Practical Course