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Computer and its Application Diploma


CS. 501 Advanced Programming Languages
In this course, one of the recent computer languages is studied (regarding to the choice of the lecturer). In the last three years it was the C++ language with the following articles: Types, Operators and expressions - Simple input and output - Program Structure - Flow Control - Array and pointer - Classes and objects - Operator and function over loading - Inheritance.

CS. 502 Data Base and Operating Systems
Data Base: Formalization of relations – Keys – Updates to relations – Relational operators – More operations on relations – Inference axioms and their applications – Derivation and derivation dags – Testing membership in F+. Operating system: Hardware – Software - Firmware – Process concepts: States, States transitions, Control block, Operation on processes - Parallel processing - Mutual exclusion - Critical sections, Implementing mutual exclusion primitives - Dekker’s algorithm - A hardware solution to mutual exclusion.

CS. 503 Algorithms and Data Structures
Basic Concepts: Data structure description – Algorithm descriptions - Searching algorithms: Sequential search – Sorted array search – Hashing – Recursive structures search - Sorting algorithms: Techniques for sorting arrays – Sorting other data structures – Merging - Selection algorithms: Priority queues – Selection of Kth.

CS. 504 Research Project

CS. 505 Practical Course