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Ph.D. program in psychological studies for children

16911 2022-06-12

The program is focusing on preparing the researcher academically by teaching him how to prepare outstanding scientific research on the one hand, and everything related to children and adolescents from the beginning with their growth, their problems and methods of treatment, in addition to how to measure and assess their behavior and the methods of its modification on the other.

Why Study this program?

The program is focusing on preparing the researcher academically by teaching him how to prepare a Ph.D. thesis in accordance with the scientific methods in psychological research, and professionally in dealing with children, adolescents and their families in order to modify their negative behaviors and their social, cognitive, emotional and life skills.

The Academic Program:

The study is based on credit hours and the number of them during the years of study: (21) credit hours for those who had granted their Master’s degree from Faculty of Graduate Childhood Studies and (5) credit hours optional for whom had granted their Master degree from outside the said faculty; over (2) semesters to complete the requirements of graduation, and the subject of Ph.D. thesis is registered after success in the second level and is discussed after a minimum of two years from the date of registration.

Language of instruction: Arabic.

Degree: Ph.D. of Psychological Studies for Children.


Psychological studies for children.

Admission Requirements:

The student must have a master's degree from the department of psychological studies for children in the faculty with grade “good” or a cumulative average (CGPA) (2.33) at least in the credit hours system.

Or the applicant holds a master's degree in specialization granted from one of the following faculties from the Egyptian universities or equivalent according to a decision from the Supreme Council of Universities, with grade “good”, or a cumulative average (CGPA) (2.33) at least the system of credit hours.

Faculty of Arts (specialization of psychology).

Faculty of Education, Faculty of Kindergarten, Faculty of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Specific Education (Psychology, Childhood, Kindergartens, Child Education, Special Education, Mental Health and Counseling).

Required Documents:

Original birth certificate.

Original Master’s degree certificate (equivalented from the Supreme Council of Universities).

(2) copies of the passport.

(6) personal photos.

A letter from the cultural attaché regarding the admission to the faculty, indicating the party paying the tuition fees (student or cultural attaché).

Completion of the application form for admission to the faculty through the General Directorate for the admission and granting of international students.

Certificate of freedom from AIDS.

Admission Dates:

- Academic programs: From the first of July until the end of March each year for international students.

Study Plan / Curriculum

Electives (for whom had granted their Master degree from outside the faculty)

University Requirements


Studying a curriculum from the Department of Media and Child Culture.

Studying a curriculum of the Department of Medical Studies for Children.

Study 4 courses


Study 4 courses



- Egyptian students: (530) pounds fee opening file + 3189 expenses paid annually.

- Non- Egyptian students: (1500) dollars paid for the first time + (4500) dollars expenses paid annually.

Contact Information:

Phone: 0020224053716

Email: itchildhood@yahoo.com

Website: http://ipcs.asu.edu.eg