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The visit of the American Aid Authority delegation to the Student Service Center for Disabilities, Ain Shams University
The visit of the American Aid Authority delegation to the Student Service Center for Disabilities, Ain Shams University

Within the framework of Ain Shams University's keenness to support and care for people with disabilities and work to provide the educational process for students and integrate them into society to achieve a universal community without barriers in the light of the Disability Law and achieving the goals of sustainable development and Egypt's 2030 vision, Ain Shams University received the delegation of the American Aid Authority at the Student Service Center Disability Ain Shams University, under the auspices of Prof. Mahmoud El -Meteini, President of Ain Shams University, and Prof. Abdel -Fattah Saoud, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, and during the visit of the American Aid Authority delegation to the Student Service Center.

Prof. Abdel -Fattah Saoud, Dr. Queens Draoudi, director of "HEI" project at the Ameidest Foundation, and discussed with regard to disability and praised a great praise of the importance of the center and that it provides a model service for people with disabilities and that the amount of royalties provided by Ain Shams University during the previous four years is unprecedented and that the university plan includes all old and modern buildings, taking into account all new projects, and this effort was admired by all local and international organizations, and that the effort made is an example to be followed in all universities of Egypt.


Prof. Rana Al -Helali, Director of the Student Service Center for Disabilities, received the American Aid Authority delegation (USAID) in the presence of Quincy Dermody

Prof. Rana Al -Helali reviewed the methods and activities of providing service to students with disabilities and procedures used in this regard, stressing that there is a database for various students with disabilities in cooperation with all university faculties. There are 7 support centers for students distributed on the campus in faculties (medicine _ two units in literature _ Al -Alsun _ engineering _ Trade) provides full support and is developed.

The programs of the centers for people with disabilities are a grant provided to students of these groups, through which we have learned about the problems and challenges facing these students, which are concerned with training them in the university and providing them with educational availability.

She pointed out that in 2018, five centers were established to serve students with disabilities in a number of different universities, including Ain Shams University, Alexandria University, Mansoura and Assiut, and currently there are approximately 15 new centers in other universities.

She affirmed the center's keenness to integrate students with disabilities with university community and prepare them and build their capabilities to become qualified, professional and distinctive cadres to keep pace with the requirements of the work market and for the university to be a sun university from the most preferred university in this regard.


This is in addition to the services provided to students from coordination with various colleges to provide available services to students and determine the facilities of the educational process and exams according to the type of disability by a committee specialized in affairs with disabilities.

Also providing educational available tools such as screen readers - curriculum printing in Braille - converting texts into audible texts and registration devices and contributing to providing prostheses for students and training for students, faculty and employees, also pay attention to conducting intelligence tests and tests for adaptive behavior and providing a promoter of developing personal skills to the market Work, a computer, an English language and work market skills.

At the end of the visit, the delegation made an inspection tour of the center and held several meetings to get to know a number of students and know their opinions in the services provided to them and discuss them about their future needs.