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In cooperation with the electronic portal... The University Awards Office meets in its 31st meeting with Prof. Nazmi Abdel Hamid
In cooperation with the electronic portal... The University Awards Office meets in its 31st meeting with Prof. Nazmi Abdel Hamid

Based on Ain Shams University's keenness to achieve excellence and competition, and as a continuation of Ain Shams University's leadership in the field of awards through its pioneering and distinguished scholars in various fields, and to benefit from the practical experience of the prestigious award recipients, the University Awards Office in cooperation with the electronic portal continued its meetings and held its thirty-first meeting for the recipients of prestigious local, regional and international awards, which was held at the University’s Networking and Information Technology Center on February 28, 2023, under the supervision of Dr. Islam Hegazy, Executive Director of the Center for Networking and Information Technology, Prof. Rasha Ismail, Director of the Electronic Portal, Prof. Alaa Abdel Halim Farag, General Supervisor of the University Awards Office, where the University Awards Office hosted Prof. Nazmi Abdel Hamid Abdel Ghani, former Vice President of Ain Shams University for Community Service and Environmental Development, and recipient of the Ain Shams University Appreciation Award in the field of agricultural sciences in 2021 for his pioneering contributions during a long journey of giving in various fields, which included many scientific radiances on master's and doctoral theses, distinguished international and local publishing, international conferences, the work of initiatives and participation in many international agreements and promising projects, as well as membership of permanent scientific committees for promotions in the field of agricultural sciences and other aspects of giving and excellence. His Eminence praised the successive leaders of the university as well as ensuring the excellence and leadership witnessed by the university in terms of encouragement and support for scientific research and researchers, and interest in all sectors of the university.

His Excellency also extended his thanks and appreciation to the current university administration headed by Prof. Mahmoud El-Meteini, President of the University, and all distinguished deputies, for the efforts exerted in all aspects of the university’s sectors, and the keenness to pay international publishing rewards, honoring the distinguished in international publishing, as well as those with scientific distinction, as well as encouraging researchers to publish in reputable international scientific journals.

His Excellency concluded the speech with a message he addressed to the young researchers from the university with keenness to follow up on the news in the field of scientific research and continue to work, struggle, humility, cooperation, and work in an integrated team in order to achieve the vision and mission of the university in excellence and leadership by obtaining prestigious awards that contribute to raising the global ranking of the university.

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