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16469 2024-02-05

The word of the president of the university about international publishing

In the context of the escalating competition of the universities around the world, in pursuit of excellence and leadership that is achieved with many and changing efforts and data, the quality of scientific research, its outputs and citations remains the gold standard for crowning all these efforts and variables, no matter how diverse or different they are.

Based on this permanent reality, Ain Shams University was keen to anticipate an ambitious and inspiring future befitting its ancient history and bright present, by encouraging and motivating faculty staff, the teaching assistants, students and all university employees to increase the ranks and quality of international publishing, in this context the university realized the need to maximize the values ​​of awards granted to publishers in return for their tireless efforts in publishing research in distinguished international journals, especially with the highest and most important impact factor and without a maximum number of annual research for each researcher for the first time. In addition to providing the highest possible incentive to write and produce books, whether complete or parts of them, and emphasizing the importance of patents. The university also for the first time, this year, announced a generous award for the best university researcher, the highest scientific department producing research and patents, and the highest research producing faculty at the university level.

The university’s vision goes in line with the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education, which aims at a system that supports scientific research and stimulates innovation that enables Egyptian scientists to contribute effectively and enable them to participate in building a knowledge-based national economy that achieves comprehensive sustainable economic and social development. Undoubtedly, this approach helps to document bonds of cooperation with the local, regional and global community based on Ain Shams University’s strategy (2018-2023) consistent with Egypt’s Vision 2030 for the university to become a global competitive advantage within the framework of an innovative system in education, research, knowledge and community service.

All this contributes to the university’s relentless endeavours to achieve lasting progress in classifying the university according to international standards, especially with regard to the efficiency of scientific production and its multiple outputs. We pray to God Almighty to help us all to advance our prestigious university and our dear Egypt.

University’s president

Prof. Mohamed Diaa Zain El-Abedeen