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Linguistic consultation units at Faculty of Al-Alsun


Project implementation mechanisms:

* The service is announced for faculty staff, the teaching assistants, and graduate students on the faculty' websites and the university's website
* The researcher shall submit the research required to conduct a linguistic review or audit for him to Refaa Unit for Research, Development of Linguistic Information and Translation in the Faculty.
* The researcher determines the required service: "language revision" or "proofreading"
* The applicant can send the research to the unit's email: and specify in his letter the type of service required
* The Faculty coordinator (unit director) addresses the concerned scientific department to select a faculty staff in the department to do the linguistic review or proofreading
* The researcher shall pay a fee for evaluating the validity of the work to conduct the audits, at a value of 200 EGP upon submitting the application, and it is not refunded if the application is rejected (the validity is evaluated within a week of submitting the application)
* An approximate period of time for the researcher to receive his research after review is determined according to the number of research pages
* The value of the language review shall be paid in advance after the completion of the work suitability assessment for the language review
* Fees were paid for the service provided in the unit's treasury, whether in cash or with bank cards, taking into account that payment by bank cards for amounts exceeding
* The researcher is informed of the completion of the review of his research through a message on his e-mail
* The revision is approved by the official seal as an approved review by Faculty of Al-Alsun
* The unit is not responsible for any change in the original work or in the body of the research after it is submitted to the researcher and reviewed, and the researcher signs a declaration specifying his obligations regarding the linguistic review (a declaration form is attached)
* The researcher has the right to return to the reviewer within a week of receiving the research to inquire about the review, and the researcher is not entitled to return to the reviewer at the expiration of the week of receiving the research
* The researcher undertakes that the scientific terminology or technology and the scientific idea is the responsibility of the researcher, and the auditor or the linguistic editor is not responsible for it.
* The researcher has to check himself to make sure of the review to the extent of his knowledge before sending his research for publication
* The researcher must review the main and sub headings and footnotes, check the numbers and ensure their sequence in the body (the original text).
* The researcher is fully responsible for the mechanisms of writing scientific papers and not the proofreader or editor
* A monthly report is submitted to Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research on the linguistic reviews accomplished during the month.
* We also inform you that the faculty member nominated as the faculty coordinator in this project has been confirmed and informed of the implementation mechanisms referred to above.

Approval of the linguistic review form (issued by the researcher / applicant)

The headquarters of the service unit of the faculty:

Ain Shams University, Faculty of Al-Alsun, Refaa Unit for Research and Development of Linguistic Information and Translation, ground floor
Unit Coordinator: Dr. Amani Helmy Touma Atallah
Phone: 01210608067