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Prof. Dr.Nader Hanna


Nader Hanna ... the myth of gastrointestinal surgeries

One of the top 10 oncosurgery surgeons in the world

Specialized in performing complicated surgeries

He was awarded the Best Cancer Doctors in the USA

Egyptian physician Nader Hanna, one of the great Egyptian migratory birds, ranked one of the top 10 surgeons in tumor surgery in the world, he is a myth of gastrointestinal surgeries.

He traveled with his father, who was working as a doctor, to Nigeria and lived there until the age of 16, and after his father's return from there to Egypt, he joined Ismail Kabbani Secondary School for Boys in Abbasiya, and after obtaining a high school completion certificate, he joined the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University and graduated from it in 1985 AD and specialized in the field Gastrointestinal surgery

The distinguished Egyptian doctor, Nader Hanna, after his graduation, traveled to the United States to complete his studies, and despite being a doctor, he worked in a pizza restaurant and then worked as a taxi driver, so that he could spend on himself during his studies there.

Because hard work pays off, as Hanna obtained his doctorate and professorship there, and over time he became one of the most important surgeons in America and the world, and he supervises 4 hospitals in the United States.

Nader Hanna specializes primarily in performing complex surgeries that other doctors avoid, such as difficult tumor surgeries such as liver cancer tumors, pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, and soft tissue sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that can affect muscles, fat, fibrous tissue, blood vessels or tendons or any other supporting tissues in the body, and its operations take between 6 and 18 hours, and he is the founder of the Department of Oncology Surgery at the University of Maryland of America.

Due to Dr. Nader Hanna's successes, he became the head of the department of oncology surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center on August 20, 2004. He also joined the faculty of the College of Medicine at the same university, and in 2008 he was chosen among the best doctors in America's Top Directory of Oncology issued by the Research Council In addition, he was honored in the same year 2008 AD and he was awarded the Patient Care and Service Award as he was selected in 2010, 2011 and 2013 among the best surgeons in America and this selection is from the share of only 1% of the doctors of the United States of America and this selection was based on Scientific estimates and achievements, results and efficiency of the surgeries he performed for patients, and God has ordained healing for them on His hands.


Nader Hanna won the Best Cancer Doctors Award in the United States of America in 2015, and he became a brilliant name there, especially after the operation he performed on an American patient from Florida who was dying due to a malignant tumor in his right kidney, and he had his left kidney removed due to another tumor in Earlier, many doctors refused to perform surgery on him due to the low success rate, but the Egyptian doctor decided to intervene to save the man’s life, so he performed the surgery, which took about 18 hours, to make the operation successful.

The immigrant doctor has never forgotten his country, on his vacations he refuses to rest, but comes to Egypt to serve his people, and he performs surgeries for the poor free of charge. In addition, during that visit, a scientific day was organized during which all doctors working in the field of oncology in Aswan Governorate were invited, during which Dr. Nader Hanna gave a number of scientific lectures in the field of oncology. In the same context, a visit to Sohag took place during the period from July 31 to 4 In August 2017, during which he examined more than 50 cancer cases in the University Hospital in the first two days, and performed several operations in the next two days.

Dr. Nader Hanna visited Assiut Cancer Institute of her university that lasted 4 days. The first day included lectures and inspection of cases. The second and third days were devoted to conducting surgeries. On the fourth day, the operations procedure was completed in addition to presenting some medical lectures in which Dr. Nader Hanna called for more volunteer work inside and outside the university, noting that a large part of achieving scientific and practical benefit for doctors lies in volunteer work by providing multiple health services to various patients, stressing his readiness. The complete training of young doctors on modern methods of early detection of the disease, its causes, and various modern scientific methods of facing it. Dr. Nader was also honored during this visit and given the shield of Assiut University.