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The great scientist Prof. Dr.  Ahmed Okasha gives a lecture at Ain Shams University
The great scientist Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha gives a lecture at Ain Shams University

Following the ceremony of awarding the honorary doctorate to the great scientist Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha, he stressed that the nations do not promote the military or economic forces, but promote ethics, preserve the Egyptian identity the strongest weapon to resist terrorism; the Egyptian people do not suffer from depression. The patient's name must be changed to psychological.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha expressed his great pride in granting him an honorary doctorate from his university. He stressed his great love for his country, which insisted on returning to him and work and giving in it after a number of scientific trips that included many universities of the world where he was connected to his roots to reach universality, and expressed his gratitude to his wife partner in his Scientific and practical career.

Then he talked about his scientific career and his efforts to change the mental image of the psychological illness in the society from being stigmatized or shameful to a normal occurrence for many people and changed the term psychiatry.

He then addressed the explanation of the human conscience and ethics and how the frontal lobe of the human brain is responsible for logical thinking and this is what distinguishes human from all creatures. In addition, he addressed the idea of fragility of conscience, which is due to imbalance in the performance of this lobe the possibility of some either diseases or drugs or alcohol.

He stressed that true happiness depends on the total dependence on ethics and satisfaction, credibility, love of work and team spirit and self-transcendence and love of tender are the main sources of happiness and everything that is the opposite after a psychological illness,

He added that the secret of the success of the military is to rely on ethics and values, military and humane sound of team spirit and self-sufficiency and the speed of accountability and punishment, etc.

At the conclusion of the lecture, Professor Ahmed Okasha stressed that the Egyptian people do not suffer from depression and that it is always up to the hope and evidence of this enthusiasm in encouraging every successful Egyptian model, as an example of the enthusiasm of the fans of the ball in encouraging Mohammed Salah.