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Staff Affairs Management System

16710 2024-02-13

System features

- Extraction of detailed reports on the personal and job data and academic degrees of faculty members.

- Extraction of reports on the preparation of the teaching staff in each department and college of the university.

- Review job data, including promotions, vacations, bonuses and penalties.

- Display the courses of each member at the college level.

- View scientific research and conferences for each member at the college level.

- Update the member’s data whenever his career and scientific status changes.

- Make reports for the number of faculty members for each college and the results are in the form of reports and graphs.

- Make a statistical analysis of the number of resignations, promotions, vacations and academic degrees over the years.

- The system contains an internal email that works between all users and supervisors to ensure the performance of the technical support service at the highest speed.

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